• BARRETT, APPLETON and WAITE families Jamaica/Barbados late 18th Cen

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    There is a Sarah Waite with 5 children (John, Thomas, Robert, Sandy and Samuel) who were all manusmitted (freed) on Jun 1, 1817 by Raines Barrett Waite (Parliamentary Papers: 1780-1849 Volume 28, page 418). This suggests to me that this Sarah was
    either Raines (Raynes?) partner or child.

    I am trying to find a link between the WAITE, BARRETT and WIGGAN families. I have a John ("Jackie") WIGGAN (my ggg grandfather) who had children with a Sarah (I suspect WAITE). Three of their 6 children were named Francis WAITE WIGGAN (b 1831), John
    WAITE WIGGAN (b. 1833), Frances WAITE WIGGAN (b. 1836). John Waite Wiggan (my gg grandfather) had a son George BARRETT WIGGAN (my g grandfather). George Barrett Wiggan had a son John Simpson WAITE WIGGAN, a daughter Edith WAITE WIGGAN, and another son
    George BARRETT Anthony WIGGAN. Family tradition has it that Jackie Wiggan came from Gretna, Yorkshire, England - but that may not be accurate.


    I have been researching the Raynes Barrett Waite/Colonel Thomas Waite(regicide) family for the past 5 years. I followed the family down from Col. Thomas to the generation of RB’s children and hit a wall.

    I am a Waite descendant through my maternal gg grandfather Alexander Mulgrave Waite, who was christened in 1837 in Manchester and who resided in Saint Elizabeth. From my research, I believe Alexander had a brother named John Montague Waite and a sister
    named Ann Eliza Blake(nee Waite). Alexander Waite was a tailor and planter and his family owned property in and around northern Manchester and Saint Elizabeth.

    To date, I have not found definitive proof that Alexander M. Waite was a descendant of the Regicide, but I am hoping that through the knowledge I gain from my DNA matches (you being one of them), I can finally settle the matter. Unfortunately, because of
    the large degree of endogamy within the families Waite, Barrett, Ricketts, Appleton, Blake, etc. it is difficult to piece together the puzzle, but I remain hopeful.

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    I am interested in the Waite Family. Both of my Maternal Great Grandparents were Waites from St James Jamaica . My G Grandmother was Waite prior to marriage which was found in the index. Unfortunately the marriage is missing from the Register.

    I have recently had a 5th -8th Cousin DNA Match who connects to Rayners Waite. I have also had another match show up that has a tree with the Moulton Barrett’s.

    Is there any information regarding the illegitimate children, and wills.


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