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    I know little to nothing of the Brown line other than the names and estimated birth dates of my 3rd great grandmother and her father. They are recorded as being in St. Andrew. I don't know if the family migrated from another part of the island or not.
    Most of my lines end up in Kingston at some point, but did not all start or even stay there.

    Please share anything with me that may help my researching of that line.

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    Hi Kristina.

    I see that you are researching "Brown's" in jamaica. What parish in Jamaica are your Brown,s from?

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    Today's Topics:

    1. Who was Mary Orgill? (Kristina Newland)


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    Hello, everyone. ?
    I am up way beyond an appropriate time...I just couldn't help it. ?While researching my Weatherman/Wedderman/Wetherman/Whitherman, etc. roots in Jamaica, I came across a baptism from 1798. ?This intrigued me because the earliest date I have any
    information on is within the first decade of the 1800s.?
    To the point. ?One of my ancestors is William Wetherman and he came up as the father of Elizabeth Wetherman, who was baptized in 1798. However, to my surprise (naive surprise, I should say), her mother was not his wife, Mary Ann Bethune (his wife),
    rather Mary Orgill. ?So, I thought perhaps Mary 1 was his first wife. ?UH, circumstantial evidence proves otherwise.
    Over and over again, I was finding Mary Orgill's name associated with the baptisms of numerous children and multiple fathers. ?So, I followed the trail and came up with the following listed below.
    Here is my question, probably best answered by the history buffs: What social or socio-economic practice was in place that subjected Mary Orgill to have these men's children? ?She was listed as a "free mulatto" over and over again and even had a
    child with another "free mulatto." ?Was she being used as property; perhaps in a brothel or something? ?I am not even sure what I want to ask. ?I'd just like some understanding of what conditions placed her in such a position. ?My imagination conjures up
    images of a life of pain, subjugation and torment. ?She was baptized in 1799 and the last few children I associated with her were with the same man. ?I hope she found some peace and safety.
    Mary Orgill was born about 1768 or 1769. ?She was baptized in 1799 at the age of 30. ?She is listed as a mulatto woman and on one record a quadroon. ?This Mary Orgill is the mother of Elizabeth Wetherman. I am assuming Elizabeth was fathered by my
    5th great grandfather, William Wetherman I. ?If not by him, then someone related to him (again assuming).
    Baptized 2 May 1795, Jane McFarlane Morrat, born 18 July 1791, is listed as the daughter of free mulattoes Mary Orgill and Walter Morrat.
    Baptized 11 Nov 1796, George Orgill Bogle, born Feb 21 1796, is listed as the son of free mulatto Mary Orgill and Hugh Bogle.
    Baptized 2 January 1798, Elizabeth Wetherman, born 26 August 179?, is listed as the daughter of Mary Orgill, a mulatto woman, and William Wetherman.
    Baptized 2 June 1799, Adam Smith, born March 1799 AND Robert Smith, born 3 April 1798 are listed as the sons of Mary Orgill, a mulatto, and George Smith.
    Baptized 2 January 1802, Sarah Deeks, born 12 September 1801, is listed as the daughter of Mary Orgill, mulatto woman, and William Deeks.
    Baptized 20 Nov 1804, Joanna Orgill, born 11 Mar 1804, is listed as the daughter of Mary Orgill, a mulatto, and William Deeks.
    Baptized 10 Nov 1806, Mary Ann Deeks, born 5 Dec 1805, is listed as the daughter of Mary Orgill, a quadroon, and William Deeks.
    Baptized 27 December 1808, William Deeks, born abt Dec 1807, is listed as the son of Mary Orgill, a mulatto, and William Deeks.
    Baptized 16 Nov 1813 in Mulatto River in Manchiomeal (Manchimeal), John Anderson Orgill and Anne Maria Orgill, are listed as the son and daughter of Mr and Mrs Orgill, however, I don't think this is Mary Orgill. ?I stopped recording Orgills after
    this date.

    Thanks for your time and entertaining my imagination.
    Kristina NewlandResearching: Newland, McIntosh, Weatherman/Wedderman, Thompson, Spence, Rerrie, Shaw, Brown, Brandon, Aldred in JAMAICA; eventually Sammy, Ali, Mina, Maharaj and Richards in Trinidad?? ?

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    We had a Jane Elizabeth Brown. She married William George Wightman and had several children. They died in some fire or plague while William was away, all except John. Jane died later whether of injuries disease or a broken heart.If you find anything else
    about this especially properties the Brown family owned I would like to know.

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