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    Hello all
    I am new to this list and wonder if anyone knows anything about TEMPROE or TEMPRO (or TEMPERO) in Barbados in 1870s and later.

    I have been researching my TEMPERO ancestors in Oxfordshire with a few in Buckinghamshire & Berkshire in England back to the mid-1600s and came across a reference to a John TEMPROE in a book written by John Camden Hotten entitled "Lost of Emigrants to America 1600-1700". I haven't seen the book myself but a researcher in England has located it and checked the entry.

    The entry relating to John TEMPROE is in a section entitled "Parish
    Registers - Births and Deaths, Lists of Inhabitants, Landed Proprietors, Servance &c [in Barbadoe], 1678-79, the relevant entry being for the parish of St James and for John TEMPROE listing "no servants; Land 12 (possibly meaning 12 acres); Negroes 2"

    The IGI has a number of TEMPRO marriage and baptisms recorded in Barbadoes, starting with the family of John and Jane (or Joan or Jean) Temproe in St James 1714-1732, with others later in St Joseph, St George, St John, St Thomas, St Philip and St Michael.

    Does anyone know anything about these families and particularly about the John TEMPROE in the 1678/9 list and the family of John TEMPRO in St James from 1714, and where they came from.

    TEMPRO, usually now TEMPERO, does not seem to be an English name and there are various theories as to its origin - Italian, Portuguese, or, if spelt as TEMPEREAU, possibly French. The name first appears in England around 1660 or perhaps a little earlier so if the Barbadoes family came from somewhere
    other than England this may give a clue to the origin of the English (and later American and New Zealand) TEMPEROs.

    Lesley Instone
    New Zealand


    I am also trying to research the name Tempro. My maternal great-grandmother is Margaret Tempro, who married John Medford. (Also both from Barbados) I have very little info on Margaret, other than the marriage and the birth of her two children, one of
    which was my grandfather. John was born in 1861, so I can assume she was born sometime near there, but I can find nothing prior to the marriage to John. The church log book doesn't include parents' names like a marriage certificate does so I'm at a
    loss. I've also found several Tempros in my DNA list so I know I'm on the right track.

    Jan Schmitt

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