• [CARIBBEAN-L] Trinidad Shiplists; Presbyterian Exiles from Madeira

    From hilarynunes77@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Fri Jan 12 12:38:44 2018
    Hello Deb,

    My name is Richard Nunes. I am also interested in passenger lists for the 5 vessels that you mentioned. My great-grandfather was a Joseph Gomez (1863-1900) who married a Christina Perreira. They were both born in Trinidad, West Indies. The interesting
    thing is that all of their children were brought up as Presbyterians and we know that Joseph's ancestors left Madeira for reasons of persecution. I strongly suspect that his parents were persecuted in Madeira because they were Presbyterian and that they
    were onboard one of those ships that sailed from Madeira starting in 1846.
    I too have tried to locate passenger lists for those vessels without any luck. Did you have any luck at all?


    Richard Nunes
    Lakefield, Ontario

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