• US changes the name of its Pacific Command to "Indo-Pacific Command"

    From Wakalukong@21:1/5 to All on Thu May 31 02:45:34 2018
    In an unsurprising move, the US has renamed its Pacific Command to "Indo-Pacific Command". This is in line with America's campaign to drop references to "Asia-Pacific" and replace it with "Indo-Pacific".



    Why the change in name? The US wants you to believe that it is in recognition of the "increasing connectivity" of the Indian and Pacific Ocean. What increasing connectivity? This is bullshit. The truth is that the US wants to invite and legitimize
    Indian intervention in East Asia. When the region is called "Asia-Pacific", Indian intervention would stick out like a sore thumb and look like outside interference in East Asian affairs. Hence, the US wants to call the region the "Indo-Pacific".
    Indian intervention in the "Indo-Pacific" would sound legitimate.

    Further, by the change of name, the US wants to give the impression that it can just talk to India to decide the fate of the Asia-Pacific. After all, where is Asia in "Indo-Pacific"? Nowhere! Don't forget, the Asia-Pacific is actually East Asia. They
    are one and the same thing. So, why should the name "Asia" not be in East Asia and the Asia-Pacific?

    The US can just suka suka change the name of the Asia-Pacific to "Indo-Pacific" for its warmongering purposes? The disgusting thing is that Ah Loong fully supports America's arrogant, warmongering erasing of Asia's identity and voice. Almost every week,
    the PAPist media promote the name "Indo-Pacific". In time to come, everyone will forget the Asia-Pacific and East Asia. Only "Indo-Pacific" will be used. This is America's hidden agenda.


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