• Unannounced, South Korean President Moon quickly met North Korean leade

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    Unannounced, South Korean President Moon quickly met

    up North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the Panmunjom on

    Saturday (May 26), the second inter-Korean summit

    since last month, Friday, 27 April.

    The day after Moon visited Trump, Trump on Thursday cancelled

    his meeting with Kim.

    On hearing of that, Moon quickly distanced and isolated

    Trump, and quickly contacted Kim and immediately took

    a walk to Panmunjom to meet with Kim.

    This is in order to repair the scuttled planned meeting and to

    explain of his visit relations held with Trump on Wednesday..

    Moon wants Kim to know their relationships is far more

    important than Trump.

    Moon knows that, ultimately, is about between their Koreas,

    Moon knows that outside people will not care a damned

    between their own people of two Koreas.

    In fact, Moon knows that countries outside of their two

    Korean countries, will not care for them as they have

    no "ownership" of their people of the two Koreas.

    Seriously, Moon did the right thing as he immediately

    yesterday went over to meet Kim on Saturday.

    Seriously, forget about Trump, the two Koreas

    can work out themselves.

    They can walk over daily to meet at Panmunjom

    to meet and talk.

    Give them time, little step by step, they can even

    be happy together than reunification.

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