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    All those abstract words are only used by diplomats and political analysts
    to conceal the real and direct word of the world.

    Hence do not take Kishore so seriously as he had never shaped the foreign affairs. He only say it when it is his job to analysis.

    He is enjoying his retirement and big bucks from his top jobs than to forgiveness, Hence, he could do what he likes and that,s it.

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    "Project Syndicate: You’ve warned that “the international order has lagged dangerously behind shifting global power dynamics.” Will US President-elect Joe Biden’s administration improve prospects of reform?

    Kishore Mahbubani: Sadly, the answer is no. The combination of intellectual laziness and political inertia has fueled the belief in Washington, DC, that weaker multilateral institutions are better for America’s national
    interests. But, while that logic may have had some merit in a unipolar
    world, it does not suit the multipolar world in which we live. As Bill
    Clinton put it in 2003, the United States should be trying to create the
    kind of world in which it would like to live when it is “no longer the military, political, and economic superpower.” "

    The U.S. can choose to see the world as a unipolar world. Do other nations
    also see the world as a unipolar world?

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