• 4.6 billion$ sent to Pakistan annually from UAE ..now disappearing

    From kiroro@21:1/5 to All on Fri Jul 10 01:41:43 2020
    UAE is sending back Pakistan workers infected with Covid-19. Pakistan has raised concerns with UAE. UAE denied they sent them back. There is a share concern between them. The protocols between nations in sending back their people.

    The airline's international repatriation procedure is not to send them back
    and not to board the plane if they found with Covid-19. Living conditions
    in UAE may have helped in spreading the virus.

    On most flight to Pakistan, about 12 % were tested positive. But in some flights to Pakistan have more than 40% to 50 % cases of infections.

    This is dilemma for Pakistan. Thousand of Pakistanis want to leave UAE for home. They asked their Pakistan government to send planes to fetch them

    But Pakistan is hesitant to bring them back lest there is not enough money
    to change or be supportive equipment and treatment in hospital.

    Now it is a stand up between them.

    "Jesus Christ is a WHITE RACE monopoly Power" wrote in message news:1540ac3b-296b-4ba6-bbf4-22824b8b0e79o@googlegroups.com...

    UAE is beginning to send home Pakistani workers in UAE ..

    Pakistani economy will suffer ..

    UAE also has 2 million Indian workers in UAE ..
    UAE is also sending Indian workers home to India ..

    Big trouble will come to India and Pakistan ...
    This is not a time to start a Nuclear war
    in South Asia

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