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    You can give an rough indication of where the island is located - like near
    to which islands which have been with girth.

    On the developing the island, get some real estate agent in this field.

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    Bro Kitaro...the island is known as 'Pulau Ubau' ..

    Bro.. soon hock is a fresh water fish la..

    My old fren want me to help him to either dispose or find investor to
    develop this small island (abt 27 hectares)... So my first thot was..to
    develop a resort cum eco farm.( include aquaculture)..where tourist able to
    see first hand on how eco farming is being done...n dine on its local
    Due to great demand on eggs..we can build a huge chicken farm..n frm those chicken shits..u get fertiliser meant for organic farming...that include aquaponic farming...churning up red tilapia as well..
    He shore around the island..since facing the ocean..water is quite
    clean..good for green mussel or oyster farming.. Caged farming can be done
    as well... In order for caged farming to be profitable..u need small fish fry..caught frm kelong.. In those old days...small fish fry were used even
    to feed duck.. Cos those days small fish fry easily available..usually
    thrown away ( back to the sea) by kelong operators.. Nowadays, where got
    kelong around? That is why, most caged fish farmers closing down..due to
    lack of cheap fish fry..too expensive to use other feeds..some more..facing polluted water (palm oil waste discharge)frm johor river n mthly
    maintenance on its structure..all these cost money.. Affecting on those
    caged farms over at pasir ris shore area..

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