• James gomez's proposal to set up a ' People Tribunal'..is a fantast

    From don.@21:1/5 to All on Thu May 30 01:41:38 2019
    Seems a good idea as it is an independent party in which they can ask the minister to show proof that it was or is fake news.

    Recently the home affairs minister said to the Malaysian minister that he
    had "the mandate and support of the Singaporean people to back death
    penalty" "

    And the Malaysian minister in appealing to the SG, to pardon the death
    penalty drug mule, asked him to show proof of their SG people has mandated
    him to the death penalty.

    Wote in message

    Its purpose is to engage with the representative of the govt in regard to
    this POFMA law. The one who is representing the govt is held accountable for any govt wrongdoing,
    In this case...i think it will be shammugan cos he is the one..the law
    minister that implemented or one of the minister a party to proposed the POFMA..

    U buggers think Sg belong to only few of u useless so called leaders?

    U useless guys implemented this law..u got to answer (to the People
    Tribunal) if there is abuse being committed by u useless leaders..

    I think by now Mahathir is laughing at this papist govt for putting up this fake news act into law.. Even superpower countries like the US or China
    didnt hv this fake news law... Its only in Sg tat is having this fake news
    Its due tooooo..we got a bunch of useless leaders!! Trying to flex their muscle!

    Why so scared??? Famous phrase by Leong Sze Hian!!!

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