• [New Thinking] Learning to Love Kim's Bomb The Upside of a Nuclear-

    From gorde@21:1/5 to All on Thu Oct 4 02:53:17 2018
    Trump will be more amenable to north Korea than lran.

    Trump having met Kim, may be more amenable to Kim's concern of safety of security of North Korea.

    Kim should tell Trump that he is interested to play with missiles, as it is
    one of his hobbies.

    Also Kim should tell Trump that his poorly-educated people needs to improve their knowledge of rocket science.

    The backwardness of north Korea should be propelled, with a change.

    This means Kim will not leave out missile manufacturing and testing and improving their school children in their science and technology classes.

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    Trump fails. What could the US do?
    Well, the US is safe anyway. May be it could allow NK's nuclear weapons to become China's problem.


    "Trump’s failure thus may sow the seeds for a new and better Northeast Asian power equilibrium."

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