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    Most recently I made comments about The Reading Group and that it
    espouses the Liberal Islam agenda.


    Rightfully so, some members of this group asked me for proof.

    So here it is - one of them.

    This letter is a critique of the book ' Muslim Reform in South-East
    Asia' which was published in 2009 by MUIS but was driven by The Reading
    Group which at that time had a few of its members working at MUIS
    including Mohamed Imran Mohamed Taib.

    The book was edited by Syed Farid Alattas.

    'Muslim Reform in South Asia', like the most recently published 'Budi
    Kritik' was nothing more than a vehicle for Liberal Islam.

    In this book, it discussed about 'tajdid' or reformation.

    It mentioned individuals described as important reformers such as
    Nurcholish Madjid and Ulil Abshar Abdalla.

    It mentioned organisations such as JIL as important entities in the
    tajdid movement.

    It mentioned institutions described as important centres for tajdid as
    such the UINs and IAINs in Indonesia.

    Yet, when I researched the ideas espoused by these individuals,
    organisations and institutions, I found that their ideas were very much
    against Islam.

    For example, Ulil Abshar Abdalla, praised as a reformer by this book,
    rejects the idea of the Prophet Muhammad saw as the final prophet, and
    he claims that Islam is not the only true religion.

    Therefore when 'Muslim Reform in South-Asia' discussed tajdid, it is a
    tajdid of their own construct, one which is completely different from
    what Islam has laid out.

    Or in other words, it was merely hiding its agenda behind 'tajdid'.

    At this point I would like to emphasize that in this book, Dr Azhar
    Ibrahim Alwee claimed that "Muslim reformism, for instance, is never
    about questioning or belittling God or the Scripture and His Messengers. Reformism knows its parameter and limits. It never doubts the central
    dogma / creed of the religion..."

    Yet the facts clearly showed otherwise. So either Dr Azhar Ibrahim Alwee
    was somehow inexplicably mistaken or it was a deliberate attempt on his
    part to conceal the true agenda of tajdid as espoused by the Reading Group.

    When I sent out this critique back in 2010 it was also emailed directly
    to the Reading Group. Jadi tak timbul isu lempar batu sembunyi tangan.

    This critique is in Malay, written so because I wanted our asatizah to understand better the Liberal Islam agenda.

    Want more proof ? Please read the critique.

    Insha Allah, soon I will come with a different critique for Budi Kritik
    which hides behind terms such as ' diversity ' and ' hate speech ' to
    push for the Liberal Islam agenda.

    Once again, it is worth reminding that the last time a group of Muslims
    who think that they are experts of Islam who should and could reform
    Islam based on their understanding of Islam, we got ISIS.

    edit - just to clarify - this was not an open letter. It was emailed
    directly to MUIS, Yaacob Ibrahim and the Reading Group. Just in case if
    some people might think that this was lempar batu sembunyi tangan.


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    any comments? anyone?

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