• Clearing out spam from this newsgroup. Pyrrhic Victory?

    From The_Inquirer@21:1/5 to All on Mon Jun 25 23:31:34 2018
    no more spam from neo-Marxist "independent individual" ...

    no more spam from ITE graduate "damned virus" ...

    no more spam from "Brain Low" name-dropper show-off ...

    no more "enemies" ...

    hooray? you think I am happy? not necessarily

    they may sometimes / often think of me as their enemy ... because I
    always like to ask questions, to expose their ignorance ... they feel
    very embarrassed ... but I "don't give face" ...

    but I don't think of them as my enemies ...

    but I think of them as my fellow human beings ... who need enlightenment
    ... who need education in critical thinking ... to help them think
    harder ... if they could do that, they would have gained more real
    knowledge and become better persons and made society a much better place
    ... plus furthermore they don't need to "save face" ... because they
    would have gotten it right the first time, or maybe 2nd or 3rd time (not
    after 9999 times, still get it wrong).

    also, by censoring people, you don't know what CRAP people are thinking
    ... things go UNDERGROUND ... so you got no chance to correct them ...
    that is even more dangerous!

    hallo! anybody out there listening? hello? hello?

    sh*t! it's so quiet herer. I can't even hear my own echo!


    The Inquirer

    The most unbiased and independent participant on Usenet. I whack both
    sides of any debate with my questions. If there is a 3rd, 4th, ... etc
    side, I will also whack!

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