• Is Singapore becoming a nation of kind-hearted fools?

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    Read about this in the Straits Times some weeks ago.
    A woman who became a mother at a young age and ended up holding the babies of several men is being held up as an inspiration.

    To those who are involved in this I would like to ask them:

    Have they ever ask that woman if she thinks she's an inspiration for women? Would she encourage her own young unmarried female relatives to end up like her?
    Would those who are promoting her as an inspiration sincerely and honestly encourage their own young unmarried female relatives to end up like the woman? Would they say this to their relatives:
    "Look at her. She's an inspiration. You girls should aspire to be someone like her, being the mother of babies of several men."

    If she is an inspiration, what about those men whose babies she is carrying? They would be the creators of inspirations! Now, we see how stupid this whole thing is.

    That woman is a victim. She needs sympathies, she needs help. Give her all the sympathies and help she needs. But to call her an inspiration is over-doing it. Its wrong. Its being kind-hearted fools. The right way to help her and more women like her?
    Behind every victim like this woman is a culprit or some culprits. In this case, its the guys who impregnated her and left her carrying their babies. A guy who father a child should be held responsible for caring for both the mother and the child. The
    law should see to this. This will make men more careful with their d*ck. There is no excuse that it is difficult to determine the father of the child. With genetic tracing, the guy who father a child cannot deny and get away with it anymore. The root of
    the problem for women like the victim are men. To deal with the problem, deal with the men, not the women. Despising the women, discriminating against them, or doing the reverse of making them the inspirations for society and nation are not going to

    By holding her up as an inspiration, you are doing more harm than good to women. You are encouraging men to adopt a f*ck-and-forget mentality towards women. Why not? Now irresponsible bastards will think that they can go around freely f*cking and
    impregnating women because these women will he held up as inspirations for the nation. These bastards will feel like heroes who are creating heroines for society and nation.

    Can't any of you see how stupid you are? You have become kind-hearted fools. Where are all those highly qualified sociologists in the numerous academic and research institutions? Don't they see it this way?

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