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    and Americans wouldn't be dying forsaken, or
    paying taxes for generations. We have no other
    realistic choice considering the dire circumstance..
    I'm voting, John Kinal for President.

    'BILL TO MAKE ALL BANK FRAUD LEGAL RETROACTIVELY' http://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=171940

    This is to state, they KNOW it is a crime.
    Obama on Leno "It was all perfectly legal."


    Agent Successfully Penetrates al-Qaeda

    / / An agent successfully penetrated al-Qaeda.
    [..] and was planning “large scale operations in
    New York in the summer or fall of 2001.” He
    provided this information to the US in August
    2001. [Agence France Presse, 11/22/01,
    International Herald Tribune, 5/21/02, London
    Times, 6/12/02] \ \ (Tenant warned Bush in
    July - 60 Minutes - where when Bush promptly
    goes on vacation - to warn who? - all the
    while. Condi conniving her genius plot for

    And Mr. Powell openly gives the suspects 43
    million dollars on behalf of Johnny Taliban,
    after the Admin. learning all this info from
    those with prior inside knowledge?


    (from linkedIn..)
    All vaccines contain neural toxins.. Now why this wouldn't be brought up on our magic TVs is a shame against our dying forsaken species.. Vote John Kinal for President.

    True psychopaths murdered my mother at the HSC hospital here in Winnipeg.. and the Police refuse, so far, to investigate.. they gave her Scopolamine together with Fentanyl, causing near instant death.. and it wasn't a accident. I'm trying to get support
    for a world wide public inquest on this continuing mass murder program titled, "Comfort Care". Where, insanely, all needed medications are denied.. while doping to death happens to EVERY made candidate.. young and old.. that is not given the choice to
    die murder victim hellishly. No one escapes this program running for years. This is not human. Fear not the truth, but the lies to steal more innocent life. Vote John Kinal for President.. how
    about it?


    William Black-US Has 25 Systemically Dangerous Institutions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_E35bbFP1E

    Wow.. same M.O.. Sure, they are easily found guilty
    under standing Law for extortion and embezzlement..
    But there are simply no officers of law enforcing.
    That's the issue here in Canada too, regarding first
    degree mass murderers being allowed to continue
    to steal innocent lives.. as some kind of.. lawless
    hell on earth.. For, what cop of any distinction,
    would stand in our way to defend ourselves fair
    here? by demanding the enforcement of standing
    Law against the absolute worst of criminality.
    Something surely must be done.. Vote John Kinal
    for President. We are going with the truth found
    in good ideas. to be of fair measure.. Justice
    wagered fairly, is the freedom to be all we can
    be as the civilized, breaking new grounds. Let's
    get back our stolen trillions, and Americans
    wouldn't be paying taxes for generations. We have
    no other realistic choice considering the dire
    circumstance.. I'm voting, John Kinal for President.

    To rake in the coin over our deadened bodies further
    immune to being brighter on all things that matter..

    What do you figure?

    Some recent posts.

    Jesus.. who's that? I think we all have a little of the music in us.. Fair say all the way, means you would win too most especially. Treat another as we would treat ourselves being civilized.. Innocent until proven guilty, not warring millions in
    Democracies by naked false accusers teamed with the worst of Dictatorship.. Jesus.. a myth? I would think so also.. the traits of being sane in a mad world run by psychopaths, seeks within ourselves to seek commands of self respect coming from the
    supreme golden alter.. So, in conclusion.. I would argue that Jesus is historical. But.. whichever..

    "..forgive those who tresspass..'

    On the other hand.. when a suspect culprit tells of it's crimes unknowingly exposed in the light of greater understandings.. we must lead ourselves for freedom from tyrannies of injustice continuing by the dumb dumbs otherwise.. So forgiveness in what
    needs to be done.. forging for a mythical kingdom that is thy, commanding through self respect for the rights of all others.. Born of timeless innocence.. exactly all the same.. completely unique.. . like a myth you are..Your world.. Your dominion.. Vote
    John Kinal for President.. I have many great ideas too on banking affairs.

    'The Muslims think this..'

    God wills Justice.. and, don't be evil.. Like.. how about following probable causes for how things happen? Too challenging to be right of mind, as not a false accuser warring for the escape of those who truly do us wrong? For example.. the FBI are still,
    to this day, forbidden to investigate the crimes of 9/11.. Pulled off, in part, by Condi and David Ozolek.. Not Religion, or as they say unfairly.. the Muslims.. Censorship is tyranny.. Justice is the freedom to live civilized lives, commanding ourselves
    with self respect.. Vote John Kinal for President.

    All invites gratefully accepted..

    The confines of bigotry as too racism, are truly a self imposed tyranny of false identity.. The 'less thans' I like to infer. For they can't see themselves freely.. It is true too, I argue to the nature of evil intention hidden from the perpetrator.
    Often, in police investigations, it'll be said, if it wasn't for the perp being so cleverly stupid, we might never." Join in the celebration of truth winning a better day for everybody. Free energy? No prob. Justice fairly wagered, is the freedom to be
    all we can be as awesomely golden..Vote John Kinal for President.

    Vaxxed, Wakefield and Deniro

    "Great information.. I sold the issue on Google+ as thus: Vaccines contain what are called neural toxins.. that cause brain damage in every single last instance of a soldier saluting.. What would you make of such science? ..oppose? blindly like in a
    death cult..? in error still to sacrifice innocent life in self contempt? For example.. did you know influenza has near always been understood.. as adapting with forces we still can't identify to quantify scientifically? meaning it is impossible to
    vaccinate against the ever changing flu.. for no one can tell.. what strain, sometime next year.. is going to crop up out of nowhere.. 100% of the time they used to score here however.. (Until the
    factory in Germany burned down so they couldn't get the product out on the shelves in time from what I understand) To rake in the coin over our deadened bodies further immune to being brighter on all things that matter.. Well.. I say, no more bullshit.
    Fair say all the way means we would win too most undoubtedly.. Do right.. Vote John Kinal for President. I know it's somewhat extreme in going where ever it takes to get the job done, but we must try.

    It seems we must try to change the world run freely by criminal psychopaths, who care not to treat ourselves right.. My mother, Jennie Kinal was so clearly, recently murdered at the hospital here in Winnipeg. ..and I have near, no where to go to but the
    public to plead for Justice on the matter.. For the newspapers and Magic TV refuses to do right for ourselves... as it's true on the extremely disturbing AZT reality.. That those in control of public influence, would rather everyone die murder victims,
    before reasonably defending ourselves justly.

    Here's to doing what it takes for the truth to reign."

    That is my youtube comment..

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    Putin shows German skills, unexpectedly steps in as translator at forum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPOT9ZVW0hg

    Americans without leadership to command themselves
    with self respect, is a nation dying as crime victim too..
    What we all need do, is look up this "John Kinal for
    President" character.. For it turns out there is an
    easy way to do right by ourselves, and it's found
    through Justice fairly wagered.. for something akin to
    the indivisible.. For example..16 trillion was stolen..
    No one on earth could deny the evidence made public..
    We need to get that stolen money returned, plus interest..
    And too, understand that police investigations on 9/11
    were stopped early on.. to not nab those personally
    responsible for mass murdering Americans in the
    Big Apple.. . Now what American, in the light of
    our sunshine, could cowardly walk away from the
    responsibility we all share? as committed to the
    cause, of liberty as justice for us all? being
    honorable? Do right my friends..

    We have to find a way to turn things around for our
    favor, equally measured.. Difficult? sometimes.. but
    easily possible if we go with the better ideas..Justice
    wagered fairly, is freedom found lasting.. Jamie
    Diamond and the boys stole more than 16 trillion
    dollars.. and they should have to repay, plus
    interest.. if we're going to be fair here.. no?

    The Complete History of MONSANTO: The Most Evil Corporation on Earth http://humansarefree.com/2014/06/the-complete-history-of-monsanto-most.html

    They are so evil, that they are easily defeated by
    the scientific facts denied our measures.. Newspapers,
    overall, truly suck.. They in addition, to willfully
    going silent over the poisoning of our foods, but
    also deliberately con our teens to sacrifice their
    lives with reporting lies to escape those responsible
    for cheating us even further.. As is why, in part,
    I have no choice, but to run for the Presidency..
    Vote John Kinal for President. What else can we
    do but try our best for a better world?
    All invites gratefully accepted.

    What issues do you hold to be of utmost importance??

    Fair treatment of others, from the society I am
    of too being cheated.. Trillions stolen.. Obama
    and Co. warring Democracies for the worst of
    military dictatorship..all the while, the magic
    TV sells, who cares for the losers to war
    criminality.. We need leadership that looks
    out for number one.. that's we being free to
    do as we please.. as long as whatever that
    is.. it isn't to deny others the same freedom
    being truly awesome.. So far.. it's been
    quite a struggle to get others to care
    enough for themselves to demand positive
    action for our defense, instead of being
    further plundered.. Here's to doing what
    ever we can to get this right..

    Lead in the Water Supply: “Humans Have Been Written Off” http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/the-real-reason-american-cities-have-lead-in-the-water-supply-humans-have-been-written-off_04082016

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    https://dailyuploads.net/lievlcn39rmx http://downloadani.me/zrkddoa2jdjj/JohnnySings.zip http://www.embedupload.com/?d=6XIXQWN2E2 http://www.brupload.net/kz9mfgxx0u62/JohnnySings.zip.html http://dump.no/files/6c77875003cc/JohnnySings.zip http://www.FastShare.org/download/JohnnySings.zip http://cloudshares.net/m0k5ldwllnpf/JohnnySings.zip.html http://fastshare.cz/5874342/johnnysings.zip
    http://bin.ge/dl/225590/JohnnySings.zip.html http://www.fastshare.cz/5874347/johnnysings.zip

    We Need to Talk

    Trump "It's not right folks ... whether it's me or Bernie
    Sanders. When I look at it and I see all these victories
    that I have, all these victories that he's got. And then
    you look at the establishment, and I want to tell you
    it's a corrupt deal going on in this country, and
    it's not good, and it's not fair."

    Hillery, with American magic TV, is stealing the Democratic will of Americans support for Bernie, with the undemocratic 'delegates', and we're not demanding her arrest for something, along with these traitors to babies, all down for the neurotoxin
    vaccines.. All vaccines contain plenty neurotoxins.. you know that
    right? ..but not from magic TV though but.. What's with that eh? Vote John Kinal for President.. where at least you'll know, I'd say that much.. for we the people being fair.. Plus.. we need to get back that 16 trillion Jamie Dimon and the boys thought
    they made a clean get away with.. Justice is freedom to be all we can be, acting civilized.. Waring America with capital false accusations, while
    closing outstanding criminal investigations, seems unholy to every one under the sun. But first after 9/11, and her reasonless Iraq war intelligence failure, let's
    recall her work with al-qeada in Libya.. True war criminal. The FSA, admitted by Obama and Co..with the likewise Commie Pinkoe Congress, as being, American tax payer financed.. Was headed officially by the "Emir of al-Qeada", stationed initially in
    Bengazi (AP.'s Bob Unrue). Who was at that time of warring the Democracy of Syria, as also being the head of military police in Libya, who for Obama the false accuser, outlawed ideas.. Such as 'public option', or 'public banking' (LAW 38, 37) spoken
    publicly, earns you a life term prison sentence slave.. Interviewed, his forces, with Richard Engel in bed, on Maddow, confessed they were hired to go out and first degree murder innocent Jews, while
    boycotting all elections.. War criminals should be made to pay. Or would we rather die before fighting for Justice fairly meted here my loser friends of the
    trying to be civilized? Vote John Kinal for President as the only realistic choice.. I've good answers for everything.. Like Justice for my mom. Believe in
    ourselves.. Fair say all the way means you would win too most especially. We need Justice.. to return our stolen trillions.. and on all these crime scenes
    costing American teen soldiers their forsaken lives.. Time to realize the potential in truly doing what we set out to do..seek, "Important: The Public must be warned.. Save lives.. Support a Public Inquest" on the Internet. Thanks in advance for
    supporting free communication to get to the facts that matter..

    Hey everybody.. All vaccines contain neural toxins.. Why is it never mentioned on Earth, except by a small tiny few? Because it's certain.. We as a species, are terrified of certainty.. for it's doesn't allow plausible deniability. We unfortunately do
    not want responsibility.. There are so many crimes scenes left unresolved, that have true answers for, as to who is personally responsible.. But look.. if the answer is there.. so very few will forward the interest to have the transgressors dealt with
    according.. 9/11, the Iraq war, Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombing.. the first degree murder of my mother.. just to name a few.. can be resolved with the facts on hand, at our figure tips.. But just
    like vaccines.. so very few will find the certainty, that we must be defended as fairly recognized here.. Doubt is ever present, as the possibility to say to one's self.. 'ah..maybe not'.. For example, did you know easily, that trillions of dollars were
    looted from Americans who still can't conceive that such a crime has happened? While the doubting always magic TV, hasn't ever made it an issue worth paying attention to? It's a lot of money.. Anyway.. I'm running to be the next fairly elected president
    of these united states standing for real freedom.. Justice is a plus for us.. Fair say all the way means you would win too most especially.. But yeah.. vaccines.. pure wicked evil.. Influenza
    can't be vaccinated for, because it is always changing it's tactic as strain.. But guess what? they get it right, sometimes as prepared a year in advance!!. How? They give it to us.. See? In some likelihood, if what I tell is true.. many would be
    terrified to learn, that magic TV isn't all it's cracked up to be.. Anyways.. All invites are gratefully accepted.. Cheers.

    Did you know, trillions have been stolen through extortion and embezzlement, while Americans still barely don't know any better? How about 9/11, (Bush "we don't need any evidence") where no evidence was recovered at the scene by the banned FBI to find
    out it was prearranged by Condi and Ozolek, with a "top secret" plan to invade Afghanistan.. "Red Ex" premised on blaming bin Laden for the crime that hadn't occurred yet.. involving the crashing of aircraft, and the collapsing of buildings in NYC? Not
    worth telling of to your loved friends and family? How about Sandy Hook, and the refusal to allow ambulances to recover the wounded children feet away from the front doors for hours? Or the
    Boston bombing done with 1.6 gallon pressure cookers.. that just simply are impossible to fit in that tiny empty bag? We need honorable leadership to speak truth as power.. Our food and water is seriously tainted , near everywhere.. and where, on the
    Magic TV, do honorable men scream in outrage over the fact that nothing is getting done to improve our lot? Our governments of the western world have blindly picked up this mass murder program run in our hospitals, where 'death meds' are openly given to
    steal innocent life, still alive!. ( seek "Important: The Public must be warned.. Save lives.. Support a Public Inquest" ) And trying to find honorable men to further question this reality, has
    become quite a nightmare. The newspapers and magic TVs obviously don't will to see us truly defended, as the typical cheats selling out our soldiers for death with flagrant lies.. and so, what's a man to do? Run for the Presidency is what.. Justice as
    fair play is what we need here.. Do right. Vote John Kinal for President how about? Let's mix things for the better ideas to prevail. Fair say all the way means you would win too most especially. All invites gratefully accepted.. Here's a cheers to
    victory over tyranny.. Do right.. vote John Kinal for President.. Just to get everyone up as alive..

    How do you respond to people that say "atheism is just another religion"?

    True.. there are no absolutes.. Uncertainty is an ever present potential.. And, naturally we are clearly, more than we could ever know.. so.. spot on.. God, or as ourselves being fair minded as civilized.. wills Justice as the golden rule applies to the
    unbelievers too. Treat another unjustly, we treat ourselves unjustly.. For example.. When TV Americans parrot Bush after 9/11 in stating, "we don't need any evidence", or quote Sara Palin or Clint Eastwood, 'we don't want to treat terrorists fairly', or
    Trump the pro terrorist too, who wants to terrorize innocent families by out doing the terrorists in torture and beheading.. Terrorists funded OPENLY by Congress, as not going after Commie
    Pinkoe false accuser war criminals like Obama and Clinton, for warring we the people of the Democracy of Syria as exampled, we TRULY cheat ourselves.. See, as Bushite, by using no evidence to form your capital allegations, you blindly war to escape those
    most certainly truly responsible for 9/11.. By cowardly torturing the innocent to confess to crimes they are in no way a part of, escapes the true perpetrators. Such as 9/11's Condi and Ozolek with their "top secret" 9/11 plan titled "Unified Vision",
    with Bush and Cheney of course for obstruction naturally. Torture is a war crime that warrants death under standing American law.. ushered in by Ronald Reagan in his, War Crimes Act.. See,
    these "war crimes" escape those responsible for mass murdering Americans in NYC.. as her teen soldiers lied to too, dying forsaken. That's the truth.. An Atheist Republic nation requires honorable intent.. much easier to just randomly mass murder a
    nation staving to death.. sure.. but who still pays? See.. when Congress claims, you need not worry about the falling bombs.. it'll happen elsewhere.. Elsewhere is still here for the snookered Americans poisoned to death, denied Justice. .. Do right.
    Vote John Kinal for President how about? Let's mix things for the better ideas to prevail. Fair say all the way means you would win too most especially. All invites gratefully accepted.. Here's a
    cheers to victory over tyranny.. God or no God.

    The 19 ‘suspects’ were in the country legally, but not listed as passengers.. So, what did the police say? Oh yeah.. they as we were forbidden to investigate as pre-planned with Condi and Ozolek with “Red Ex” inside of “Unified Vision”.. then Bush on
    magic TV stated that, “We don’t need any evidence”.. And TV America parroted is how I remember it. That and that Bush, this being a Presidential “Top Secret” plan of high treason, closed down any FBI terror investigations outfits, several months prior..
    You know..after receiving near countless warnings.. even from Tenet. ‘imminent’ then proceeded, Bush did, to go on vacation.. Some people would rather die in lies, than live for the truth spoken
    as power.. Have you heard me explain banking, Sandy Hook, or the Boston Bombing in under five minutes? You haven’t.?. hmm.. that’s a question only you can answer as to why.. Justice is Freedom. Vote John Kinal for President.?


    Listen.. my friends.. The Winnipeg Free Press
    has recieved this post.. as they have no doubt
    of thousands of murder victim families here in
    Winnipeg. Who have formally complained to the
    Province, of where "Chris", in charge of it all,
    does nothing in the defense of we the people..
    Leaving everyone cheated further for murder.
    Travelers through our city are at risk too.
    The Free Press does not phone me for further
    info, or to claim, they disagree with doing
    right in respect for our dying rights. There
    is much to their contempt for our lives truly.
    If one realizes this truth really matters. To
    know Canaadians are being mass murdered,
    travelers put in serious harms way. and to
    have no published concern? Our only talk radio
    station in the entire Province, of more than
    1.6 million, doesn't take emails directly..
    and they haven't for years and years and
    years.. Go try.. See? No care for our lives
    being criminally sacrificed, as too, our
    soldiers lied to, regarding the "Taliban did
    9/11." Knowing better, they choose to lie
    as cheats thieving our intentions of being
    civlized.. Who are you then?

    US - World's Most Dangerous Terrorist Organization

    President Obama announced that 200 soldiers would be sent to war the Democracy of Syria. Officially boycotting all elections, but save for the one where they'll outlaw ideas.. as in Libya.. Think "public banking"? life term. (Law 37) Freedom to enslave
    we the People by gun point, is no freedom to be all we can be as once thought civilized. Then, let's not forget, the target list that RT reported on a while back consisting of engineers, elected officials, entertainers, and most importantly, teachers.. "
    The Rebel Kill List".. Knowing so well, these teen GIs don't have it up to snuff.. more like ground to dust. No reason to bomb Iraq. Should have walked themselves in as Mariachi dancers. Saddam
    was 110% co-operative. Doing anything that was asked of himself, plus more.. Not in violation with the UN's 1441, for inspectors had unrestricted access to go where ever they pleased, "without delay". Saddam even offered that Bush could take all the TV
    and radio over, to tell Iraqis the what for.. Bush refused.. Didn't want to save soldiers lives, but to have them needlessly sacrificed for no better good as a reason understood. Faithful TV Americans died forsaken, warring to bring about what was there
    prior to the attack. Would an American rather see more teen GIs conned for death by Magic TV's further evil intentions, or be defended as a nation, with words spoken truthfully? Not willing as
    silenced, to be conned to die warring Democracies, but to defend liberty as justice for us all being honorable? Naturally, of course.. But that requires of you, naturally, to forward just such a concern.. Do we will the comfort of TV lies, to tell of it
    being heroic, to send your son or daughter to die without reason for?, ..as murderous thief of our good intentions? We wouldn't think so, if we could speak freely with the facts that matter..

    Would we rather die before fighting for Justice fairly meted here my losing friends of the trying to be civilized? Vote John Kinal for President as the only honest choice therefore.. Believe in ourselves.. Fair say all the way means you would win too
    most especially. We need Justice.. to return our stolen trillions.. and on all these crime scenes costing American teen soldiers their forsaken lives, still falling.. ..and too, of my gentle mother, Jennie Kinal, that was recently murdered in hospital,
    as a great many others have, and will continue if we don't speak up for our denied rights.. Time to realize the potential in truly doing what we set out to do. Seek, "Important: The Public must
    be warned.. Save lives.. Support a Public Inquest". Cheers to victory over tyranny.

    Your trying to be friend, John Kinal. All invites gratefully accepted..


    Cheer Up, Things Could Be Worse

    I'm really feeling down on the the struggles of living, failing to stop my mother from being murdered in hospital by true psychopaths.. and the only thing I have now to hold out in hope for.. is please Life.. things can't get much worse.. Like now facing
    hunger and maybe homelessness.. I've lived many years, now in my 50th, as loving life.. I've lived holding to do right for others, as too caring for falling forsaken crime victims, would serve an intelligence that would will good for all as trying to
    be naturally civilized.. [I've solved scientifically 9/11, Sandy Hook, and the Boston Bombings to name three] This "God" however, couldn't tell me not to take my mother to a place of which,
    I've discovered, no one has ever escaped.. Everyone is tortured, then first degree murdered once assigned to be robbed of all our rights..My mother's pleas, and my own mattered none. For more than a decade Winnipeg has been mass murdering like this..
    Some tortured for months and months by sadistic demon enemies of all things great and small.. If Life truly cared for me, as I to life, I would have been made privy of this hell somehow, and not have lost my precious mother. If Life cared for me, when I
    phoned the police, CBC TV, and newspapers, while she was being openly beaten and tortured, someone would have come to my aid, to care for little old ladies abused so severe. Children and young
    men are murdered there too. Unlike most everyone, my mother means the world.. In our city, we have big wall central downtown.. that I've seen, but only read after her death.. addressing a character Jennie, not receiving the care she needs.. I also
    discovered great ways to defend my mother's life, after she was helplessly murdered right in front of me. Oh yeah.. thanks "God".. that's life.. contemptuous death. Any joy in my life now, seems near impossible. Unless I somehow secure Justice for my mom
    Jennie. People can't care if they are not made aware.. But the one only newspaper in a province of 1.6 million, and the only semi legitimate TV news organization.. told me, as they've told
    literally, thousands of other families, stop bothering them.. Where is my humanity? Where is my world? Dead already? So cheer up.. things could be worse.


    EXAMPLE EMAIL: Redone in whatever way you see fitting..

    Hello.. My name is John Kinal, and am pleading to
    our world, to look much closer at an issue of clearly
    murder occurring at a Winnipeg hospital titled, 'comfort
    care'. My mother's life was stolen in front of me, with
    barely nothing I could do to save her. No complaints
    departments anywhere.. I can be reached here for
    further questions, or interview by phone or Skype. .

    Seems my posts prior, have been blocked by many
    email clients.. as suspected spam.. Auto computer
    coder, looking out for informative post no doubt, rules
    over everyone without telling? Do you like that? Being
    uncaring, to hide behind an intention of blindness? Not
    me. If you have received this already, bare with it please..
    I'm trying to get people interested in saving mass murder
    victims. You really should give it a minute or two to think
    over. What if such allegations are true? What if it was the
    warning for Pearl Harbor? ..or a new 9/11?

    The Public must be warned

    Support a Public Inquest, Truth Commission,
    and Police Investigation on HSC's "Comfort
    Care" program of murder, in the first degree.
    Where your loved one is sentenced to die
    victim to neglect as official public
    paid for policy.

    Now, what I'll do.. is include one simple link to the story..

    Support a Public Inquest into the many continuing deaths...


    I will our world to wake up to this nightmare.

    Real people are dying who don't need to be..
    It's called murder, and it's against our law.


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