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    Save Lives in Winnipeg

    Hi everyonee.. We have a serious
    responsibilty here to speak fair
    against the stealing of innocent life
    currently going on over at Winnipeg's
    Health Sciences Center in "Comfort Care".

    Justice for we guarantees freedom to be.
    The Public must be made to know.. that
    Winnipeg's HSC is willingly committing
    murder without misgivings. Support a
    Public Inquest, Truth Commission, and
    Police Investigation on HSC's "Comfort
    Care" program of murder, in the first
    degree. Where your loved one is
    sentenced to die victim to neglect
    as official public paid for policy.

    We, of Canada

    We, of Canada, need a Truth Commission
    on the Winnipeg Health Sciences Center's
    "Comfort Care" program of first degree
    murder.. Save some innocent lives why
    don't we?

    My mother Jennie Kinal and I, at no time
    did we freely decide, her life was to be
    stolen by the first degree murderers at..

    Winnipeg's HSC, the Health Sciences Center

    They kidnapped, tortured, and murdered my
    Canadian mother, Jennie Kinal.. as sadistic
    enemies of God and mankind. They continue
    to victimize citizens in Winnipeg left
    without Justice granting a fair defense
    for our lives, with what they call,
    "Comfort Care". They side officially not
    to care to provide the posioned victim a
    medicinal path forward to a better
    health. Refuse to give antibiotics, or
    needed thyroid medication claimed as
    useless, but not Scopolamine together
    with Fentanyl, the deadliest poisons
    against an elderly women with minor
    back pain.. for, the "multiple organ
    failure" was PROVEN a hoax on Feb. 3rd,
    2016. While apposing Jennie and me by
    openly refusing to resusitate, when
    Nurse Charlene called about Jennie
    losing her life without the proper
    care freely given. The police when
    called before, stated, go to the College
    of Physicians, while the College states,
    'this is a high priority police matter,
    of proven attempted murder [as earlier on]
    Go to the cops.' Four times I went to tell
    near teenage cops always at the front desk,
    'no, the Police must investigate.. pick
    up a phone and call Dr. T how about?'
    - ..and they continued to refuse.. they
    told me as a lawful citizen of Winnipeg,
    they didn't want any more information.
    Like on the Public's dime from Magic
    CBC TV did also refuse to defend our
    lives as still falling victims. While
    the whorish newspapers refused doing
    right for us whatsoever as typical.
    Now, ask yourself.. what honorable
    officer, soldier, or as true lover
    of freedom, would hold such contempt
    for the value of Your Canadian Life?,
    left still, jeopardized as the innocent
    without rights? This murderous crime
    that continues, personally involves all
    Canadians.. Still cheating our loved
    families for murder, by what can safely
    be described, as ungodly evil criminals
    of the worst disorders. More than
    thousands and thousands of complaints
    not granted the light of the public's
    scrutiny.. Do right, forward this concern
    as your own included. We must demand a
    public inquest to reveal all, of who we
    are.. the truly civilized.

    Mr.Kinal on the murder of his mother at the hospital. http://webshare.cz/file/tv1q75WG6i/

    (to churches, politicians, and police everywhere.)

    We, of Canada, need a truth commission
    on the Winnipeg Health Sciences Center's
    "Comfort Care" program of first degree
    murder.. Save some innocent lives why
    don't we?

    Here's an idea..
    Down with murderers..
    who's with we? fairly speaking..

    Call the Cops

    The Public must be made to know.. that
    Winnipeg's HSC is willingly committing
    murder without misgivings. Support a
    Public Inquest on HSC's "Comfort Care"
    program of murder, in the first degree.
    Where your loved one is sentenced to
    die victim to neglect as official
    policy.. This horror continues, so
    far.. because of it's hideous sub-
    humanness that most want to find
    impossible to believe exists mass
    murdering for real.. Not one person
    has escaped in more than seven
    years.. of which many, can stay
    being tortured for longer than
    eight months.. to finally kick
    the bucket. Never allowed to
    leave the dungeon.. With thousands
    and thousands of complaints ignored
    by two "newspapers", and three Magic
    TV news broadcasters.. The Public
    must be made to know we have a
    responsibility to each other.. to
    be thought safe, of entering a
    hospital seeking remedies, not
    unelected death sentences. Me must
    not allow this to continue in our
    stolen better names. It's unbecoming,
    and they murdered my mom. Justice
    must be done if we will to be free
    to dream of a bettering future.
    I will to work with everyone
    fairly to get this won.

    Something is Wrong..

    No police to arrest murderers? No news
    agency to express a care for the elderly
    being tortured and murdered? No politician
    to express indignation.. We all are somehow
    at a serious loss of our humanity. Speak out.

    Demand Truth Commission on Winnipeg's HSC
    "Comfort Care" murdering Jennie Kinal.
    Save innocent life in Winnipeg still
    falling crime victims..

    Again this "Comfort Care" mass murder
    program in Winnipeg is not made by the
    victims as something agreed upon in OUR
    newspapers either. They just privately
    announce your loved one is now sentenced
    to deprivation of caring completely,
    while openly being poisoned with
    the most deadly of UNWARRANTED
    'medicine'. Justice for we
    guarantees freedom to be. Take
    care to make others aware. Email
    is cool.

    Demand Public Inquest on the Murder of Jennie Kinal
    Save life in Winnipeg falling murder victims today..

    To whom this greatly concerns..

    My mother died murder victim at Winnipeg's Health
    Sciences Center. Dr. Colister approached the bed
    to ask, how about giving your mother Scopolamine
    to ease moisture.. Sound good? I state no.. I
    explained such poison would hamper my mother's
    ability to expel her current chest infection.
    It would be greatly better, to remove all your
    opiates, like Fentanyl, and let her heal how about
    instead? my learned friend? He doesn't disagree..
    His side kick states, yeah.. sounds good in similar
    words.. They leave.. Then, I pop out later for a
    coffee, and back when I return Nurse Colette
    has administered the lethal shot.."Devil's Breath"
    Stating.. your mother asked for it.. being barely
    capable of stating, ' get me out of here'.. 'bloody
    murderers' 'no more pain killers'.. She had no
    problem health wise any longer.. but for those
    in "comfort care" succeeding finally in error at
    murdering her.. Now the hospital states, they
    don't allow toxicology studies in autopsies.. Well..
    that's why I implore for you to stand up likewise
    as a fellow human being, to demand such an
    easy test be carried out to determine true
    cause of death.. And a Public Inquest on how
    Justice has left us for no longer, on this
    critical crime scene involving all Canadian
    lives jeopardized.. left in self contempt by
    our newspapers and TV broadcasters grinning..
    Sound good? It should. Justice for Jennie Kinal.

    Evidence - of the murder..
    http://www.rodfile.com/sk56uf30b57i http://www.promptfile.com/l/BCF567BD9A-52FB5BEC9E https://www.sendmyway.com/y1yb1l2v033b
    http://www.myvdrive.com/files/heJFmhGiXa http://www.basicupload.com/bgwot03ygz0u
    (extra copies at bottom of post..)

    Re-send the file to Examiners everwhere.

    Don't forget, this involves many more
    lives in Canada than just my mother,
    willfully poisoned to die crime victim,
    just like the rest officially. Denied
    OUR Police protections, and vital care
    in needed medicines, while doped out
    of her wits to complain about who's
    driving down civilization. How dare
    Winnipeg's Health Sciences Center
    commit lawless first degree mass
    murder openly, with the newspapers,
    in the light of understanding
    this reality measured fair.

    Introduction to the Case:

    This following, is of the Winnipeg Health
    Sciences Center and the first attempt they
    made at the murder of my mother, Jennie Kinal.
    Caught red handed on Jan 2nd, and 3rd of 2016.
    Call the cops. We live for Justice. No limits
    against murderers. Vote John Kinal for President.

    Introduction to the Case: back-from-the-dead

    This was before they murdered Jennie Kinal


    What they knew and chose nothing to do
    about.. Still? Shouldn't someone be fired,
    if not arrested as complicit in murder?

    John Kinal - Protections of Persons in Care Act - Feb 24 2016 http://filetrip.net/dl?5GvcduUvKG

    "10,000 similar complaints in Manitoba."

    Ignored.. Still? Hello people.. we have a
    serious responsibilty here to speak fair
    against mass murderers.

    If Chris, who works for our government,
    had simply done the job by inforcing
    Manitoba's standing law, Jennie Kinal
    would be alive today. Don't allow them
    to steal more innocent lives in Winnipeg.
    Take action. Personally forward this to
    the media movers and shakers, to save
    lives, demanding Justice. I am available
    for interviews. Help ourselves.

    I beg you to do right.. Save an innocent life.

    Please, peoples of our world..defend innocent
    life being mass murdered here in Winnipeg, at
    the Health Sciences Center, under a program
    of the most heinous ungodly evil ever known
    of titled, "Comfort Care". They openly deprive
    vital medicines, while torturing the victims
    with poisons such as with my mom. Given
    through lies, Scopolamine "Devil's Breath",
    secretly in a conspiracy with nurse Colette,
    in deadly conjunction with Fentanyl, causing
    instant paralysis, then unnatural death through
    FOR SURE, proven first degree murder. My mother
    Jennie, who only several days earlier was
    guilty of only minor back pain, as to why
    these demons refused to stop doping her since
    her arrival two months earlier. Simultaneously
    claimed though, she was by her murderer, Dr.
    Colister, to have had multiple organ failure
    continuously for more than a month. Proven
    to be a lie on Feb 3rd, by myself told to
    Winnipeg Police.. Through too, the broken
    orders of Law by Dr. T., Jennie's Doctor that
    week. The Winnipeg Police dishonorably, have
    refused to do the simplest of preliminary
    investigations..such as making a single phone
    call to Dr. T.. to confirm the first attempt
    made at murdering my mother by Nurse Delaney..
    using then, ILLEGAL hydromorophone. You
    personally could save an innocent life, by
    simply identifying a citizen of Winnipeg,
    to give them this post personally. Again
    this "Comfort Care" mass murder program is
    not made by the victims as something agreed
    upon in OUR newspapers either. They just
    privately announce your loved one is now
    sentenced to deprivation of caring
    completely, while openly being poisoned
    with the most deadly of UNWARRANTED
    'medicine'. So confident in our made
    illiterate police agencies never getting
    involved here, that they believe they can
    escape sadistically mass murdering for
    decades more perhaps.. if you continue to
    take no action for the world you can not
    escape my friend. It is truly all up to
    you.. Do right. Care for your world.
    Forward go freely of Justice winning
    victory. Justice for we guarantees
    freedom to be..

    Our Time is Now

    I have conclusively proven, without
    any officer of law disagreeing, that
    the Winnipeg Health Sciences Center's
    Dr. Colister, with conspiring Nurse
    Colette, first degree murdered my
    mother Jennie Kinal.. after I caught
    their "Comfort Care" demon team prior,
    attempting murder on Feb 2nd 2016,
    and begged the police to investigate
    the crime scene four times.. But they
    refused cowardly as too did the College
    of Manitoba Nurses, and Doctors refuse
    to demand the arrests be done for Justice
    must come.. To not following the rules
    of murder in Canada, as not applying
    blindly in all hospital settings for
    more than a decade? Something must be
    done in a love for moms, before yet
    again, these cheats have more innocent
    Canadians first degree murdered, due
    our self contempt. For what demonic
    gain? We are left to only speculate..
    ..though we know it is for sure going
    on still by these enemy to all sadists.
    Murdering innocent Winnipeggers left
    still undefended with fair words, by
    'our' evil as ungodly newspapers
    and Magic TV CBC hosts. 'Go Jets Go!'

    Here's an idea..
    Down with murderers..
    who's with we? fairly speaking..

    justice for we guarantees freedom to be

    My mother was murdered here in Winnipeg, at
    the Health Sciences Center, under a program
    titled, "Comfort Care", where these demons
    deprive life saving medicines, and under
    torture, openly poison the victims to death,
    often by chemical suffocation. No one
    escapes the death sentence program run for
    many years. It involves the old, it
    involves the young - and something surely
    must be done.. Why is it that our humanity
    can't find the strength to do good for
    another? ..or for one's own mother or
    father? I tried my best, and I'm as good
    as it nearly gets as speaking reasonable..
    But without the public being supported by
    our made illiterate police agencies, or
    regulatory bodies that ONLY defend, in
    this case, the continuing mass murderers..
    Hope seems bleak to save the innocent
    lives that fell yesterday, and of those
    that will tomorrow. So.. I must try to win
    fair, the American Presidency.. to fight
    for Justice in this forsaken city named
    Winnipeg.. Once holding the title, I will
    order all police and military to assist in
    public arrests for public fair trial of
    these mass murderers that must not steal
    the better of ourselves further left
    undefended.. Do right. Vote John Kinal
    for President. I have the best ideas
    going hands down.

    Public Inquest..

    Support a Public Inquest We need an autopsy
    to include cause of death with the sciences
    of toxicology - something forbidden the
    victims of Winnipeg's Health Sciences

    URGENT - Support a Public Inquiry into Why
    some Winnipeg autopsies don't allow toxicology
    to determine cause of death in murder..- URGENT
    (they have cremated the body - all evidence
    gone?. we don't think so.)

    Justice for Jennie Kinal

    I want a public inquest in how my mother died, so justice can be served. All the evidence is in, it's just that, because the death occurred at a hospital in Winnipeg, the Police's hands are tied.

    Jennie Kinal was murdered on March 8th, 2016, by the actions of Dr. Colister, at Winnipeg's Health Sciences Center.

    Facts: Dr. Colister told no new medications would be administered on March 8th, to myself and Jennie.. Dr. Laura Chisic, Jennie's other doctor, one of more than four others, told of Dr. Colister, doing just as he claimed he would not, ordering on the
    8th of March, the deadly, Scopolamine "Devil's Breath", in conjunction with already administered Fentanyl, . Nurse Colette, sold that it was Jennie's idea to take the most lethal drug on the Canadian market that she gave Jennie, Scopolamine, to hamper
    her ability to expel an infection that had recently appeared, leading to paralysis and death. Nurse Colette, couldn't administer the poison while I was present however, and couldn't let on, it was
    ordered in by Dr. Colister. As Colette's crazy lie of my mom being willing, now makes more sense. No antibiotics are given in Winnipeg, for ANY Canadian patient in "comfort care", but poisons a plenty to first degree mass murder it disturbingly appears.
    You really should care.. Think of the next victims last night. Forward this concern to everyone who loves their mother. Do it.

    The TRUE disregard for a patient's wellness, made as policy at Winnipeg's Health Sciences Center, is like a hell on earth for real, when you hear them tell of such madness openly, denying all rights to do right for ourselves. 'End of Life' poisons to
    those we guess near, perfect health. Poisons to weaken clearing our bodies of new infections, with poisons to hamper breathing, and then, to top it off, heroin derivatives 80 times stronger than morphine, apposing better health.. is simply willful first
    degree murder.. Again, they officially deny all "Comfort Care" patients antibiotics, to die victim from neglect.. With too, refusing to resuscitate any patient as policy of evil.. So, say you
    were poisoned by Scopolamine with her Fentanyl. as my mom was against her will and my own.. they told me as such, over the phone.. they will make no attempt to save my mother's life as "doctors" on scene. Demand a Public Inquest.

    Don't forget, this involves many more lives
    in Canada than just my mother, willfully
    poisoned to die crime victim, just like the
    rest officially. Denied vital care in
    needed medicines, while doped out of her
    wits to complain about who's driving the
    ship. Different Nurses everyday, while the
    Doctor changes once every two weeks, with
    Colister hanging around allthe beds going,
    "are you in any pain", then needles every
    four hours non-stop, till you die.. No
    matter whatever you say to the contrary.
    Who needs a witness? Some say Jennie
    Kinal was good to go, while Colister
    states her story can't live more than
    weeks with him and Laura Chisic ruling
    over everyone here truly being tyrannized.
    ..while poisoning who knows how many
    others too, who dream of being released,
    as they go further unchecked as needling
    psychopaths. We desperately need a true
    concern expressed for ourselves as the
    citizen measured correct in all fairness.
    We will to be civilized on the farms
    and in the hospitals.

    Justice for Jennie Kinal

    Public Inquest.. ask for it here in Winnipeg please

    Please Peoples.. support a Public Inquest here
    in Winnipeg on the mistreatment of Jennie Kinal
    in the Health Sciences Center, ward H4, and of
    her subsequent final murder.. Done in by Dr.
    Colister with Scopolamine, in conjunction with
    Fentanyl, to a 84 year old woman, who suffered
    a thyroid issue, that caused swelling, then
    indicating inside that short time frame,
    confusion nearing the symptoms of dementia..
    But that all disappeared a month earlier..
    That's it.. she could walk talk and express
    clearly, she did not want a nicotine patch..
    but they gave it to her, apposing me included.
    Public Inquest.. Hopefully, gaining an
    understanding too, for why our police think
    it none of our business still, while more are
    thrown through to fall crime victim to these
    apparent psychopaths.. to be denied essential
    medications, and antibiotics for infections..
    but to just be poisoned to death with their
    unneeded injections. It's called murder..
    and all stand on guard for thee of we fairly
    speaking. Justice is freedom to be all we can
    be as of, the civilized worlds. Commanding
    ourselves with self respect. Support a Public
    Inquest. .Save further lives left forsaken
    now, no longer. What do you say lover of life?
    Forward this post to someone in Winnipeg if
    you could.. Let's go save some lives..

    Paging Doctor Colister - Demanding Justice for Jennie Kinal https://1fichier.com/?jv011s4fve
    http://exoshare.com/download.php?uid=169Q1A4A http://gigapeta.com/dl/6337710a0c0ec5?done https://www.sendmyway.com/p7zrfuyi4hzz
    http://www.embedupload.com/?d=6IKUWCVRYC http://www.promptfile.com/l/0A8ED67655-44D3C3F679 http://neodrive.co/share/file/6Y44PGJSMEY5NCZTUMPJ1RGUPN http://exoshare.com/download.php?uid=169Q1A4A

    My mother was murdered on March 8th, 2016, by
    the actions of Dr. Colister, at Winnipeg's Health
    Sciences Center.. Whereby, after consulting my
    mother Jennie and me, he told of no new
    medications would be prescribed.. For a woman
    heavily drugged every which way, but initially
    denied her thyroid medication that I had to fight
    for as reasonable.. Then denying all antibiotics
    apposing our wills to truly care.. as I explained
    to Dr. Chisic of her madness on March 8th, 2016..
    ..since the recent speculative lead up to this
    appearing of an air born infection, that will
    in some likelihood, take the healths of many
    weakened others.. This house of hellish horror,
    of Winnipeg's Health Sciences Center, H4, is a
    place of the wickedest evil ever witnessed by
    yours truly I must say. Anyway.. the hell of it
    is, Dr. Colister secretly told the day Nurse
    for Jennie, a named suspect labeled Colette..
    'that if it should warrant'.. use this new
    order for Scopolamine, in conjunction with her
    fentanyl.. for Jennie's congestion. A concoction,
    substantiated together, paralyzed my mother to a
    position of suffocation.

    Though, importantly, according to Dr. Laura
    Chisic, (being Jennie's last stand in good for
    nobody though..) tells of the order, came from
    Colister, while she herself adamantly denies
    all antibiotics for every infection, like I
    said, even penicillin... Don't be crazy..
    ,.let's get to it.. "no.. we don't do that
    here.." is what she spoke, in part, as
    clinically insane.. So less of two evils,
    is still two evils.. what say, we demand
    fair say.. I wonder where that could take
    us commanding in self respect for the rights
    of others, as if they were of us too included..

    "Fentanyl is estimated to be 80 times as potent as morphine "
    "World’s most dangerous drug is not a myth: Scopolamine aka The Devil’s Breath"

    When Jennie was ever questioned, she spoke
    of no pain, and no interest of being doped
    further out of her wits, without she was,
    the claimed multiple organ failure, but
    suffering with dementia.. Medicine? Figure
    it out.. the police haven't had the public
    interest just yet.. despite the thousands
    of similar complaints, and Night Nurse
    Charlene telling, in the SEVEN YEARS she
    worked there.. not a single person has
    ever been capable of escaping her horror
    show.. "Comfort Care" in H4 at the Health
    Sciences Center.. Winnipeg. Call the cops..
    Call the President. Save That Man!


    To those who this greatly concerns..

    Hello.. The newest revelations to this heart break of a story, is that Jennie Kinal's outgoing Dr, Dr. Semus, has advised me today, March 7th, 2016, that after reviewing Jennie's medical records, they do not contain the information of Doctor T's (
    Tazaramangzing..?) order to the Nurses at station, for the evenings of question, Feb 2nd, and Feb 3rd, 2016, to not administer hydromoophone to Jennie, without her son witnessing first hand some form of pain.. Jennie, at that time, an alleged sufferer,
    of "multiple organ failure" However, the Nurses involved certainly would concure, as too, most importantly, the head Nurse for the day of Feb 3rd, does confirm that such an order did transpire, of
    her quoting the Nurses report, where hydromoraphone was administered, to Jennie.. An action opposing Dr. T, by leastly, RN Delaney it appears.. Who too, like another Nurse that evening, state Jennie does suffer from "multiple organ failure". Dr. Semus,
    Jennie's Doctor for the last two weeks, and the prior Dr., Dr. Necozy, stated, and will state, Jennie does not, and could not have had multiple organ failure, going on now, more than a month later.. Big problem of course.. as you know... Here is the run

    Shortened synopsis..

    I wad told Jennie had multiple organ
    failure, and was on end of life medication.
    I said bullshit, she was great just hours
    ago.. The head Doctor, Dr. T, called a halt
    to the death meds.. Telling Nurses, if
    Jennie experiences any discomfort, I am
    to be phoned to okay the death meds once
    more.. I am phoned for such action the next
    day, arrive in under 7 minutes, to find
    my mother pronounced clinically dead by
    RN Delaney, due organ failure.. I revive
    my mom to discover, she has no organ
    failure.. and breathes to this day.
    Being doped everyday under torture..
    this information to everyone who loves
    their mother.. The Police most especially.
    They have been caught attempting first
    degree murder of made helpless innocent
    old folks at Winnipeg's Health Sciences
    Center.. Fight back for
    Christ sake God damn you.

    Send to many, including some of Winnipeg's Council..

    , mpagtakhan@winnipeg.ca
    , scottgillingham@winnipeg.ca
    , bmayes@winnipeg.ca
    , mmorantz@winnipeg.ca
    , gerbasi@winnipeg.ca
    , cgilroy@winnipeg.ca

    Please help to save my mother's life..

    Hello.. I've got a story of a precious
    life, my mom.. and about clear abuse
    transpiring in real time over at the
    Health Sciences Center in Winnipeg..
    I'm currently seeking for good
    politicians, and some public exposure..

    Jennie Kinal's Doctor forbade the
    administration of a dangerous narcotic,
    but the medical records indicate someone
    went ahead and administered it anyway..
    causing her, to be pronounced clinically

    They claim my mom has organ failure, and
    had clinically died Feb 3rd 2016, but..
    she lives until March 8th.. despite their
    failures still, to address what was my
    mother's true health concerns. Freely
    urinating, and defecated near everyday,
    only because was feeding her, and trying
    to protect her for as much time as I
    could sacrifice.. Please, express your
    humanity by telling this story.. It's
    not only about my mother, but many
    others, that are left to fall forsaken.
    For I am told, this form of complaint
    against some practicing health care in
    Manitoba, numbers in the thousands..
    I am told, of such similar complaints
    the Government of Manitoba registers,
    but does remain hampered to remedy for
    the Public interest of Canada. Largely,
    it seems, for failure to communicate these
    sometimes complicated matters clearly to
    the lay person.. and limited resources.

    Please help to save my mother's life.

    The Protection of Persons in Care office,
    that enacts the Provincial Act, contacted
    me today, March 1st, 2016, to inform that
    the Hospital did not provide them the
    medical records for the critical days
    of question.. Feb 2nd, and 3rd.. Of
    which they are obligated under Law.


    The Protection for Persons in Care Act http://web2.gov.mb.ca/laws/statutes/ccsm/p144e.php

    The Protection of Persons in Care
    office Senior Administrator, Chris,
    tells if the situation as it is,
    found wanting, without the Health
    Sciences Center obliging.. there
    would most certainly be, a public
    inquest..Though, that can't happen
    for two more weeks, due the person
    responsible is on vacation!. It is
    NOT only my mother's life on the
    line my honorable friends..

    I fear a misunderstanding of the
    severity is witnessed here.. As too,
    with my first discussions on this
    matter with the Winnipeg Police..
    For I argue by just simply making
    one phone call to Dr. T - Dr. T =
    something like, Tazariamansing.. Or
    in the evidence I gave, of the head
    nurse CONFIRMING, that what was
    forbidden, has been administered..
    As told too by the victim, my
    mother Jennie, for ten hours,
    gasping without a full breath..
    We would acknowledge, something
    of a very serious crime, of at
    least gross negligence is still
    under way.. Of which those in
    charge refuse to remedy. Depending
    on who you talk to individually..
    Some Doctors like Necozy, contend
    Jennie is relatively stable, and
    situated to go home under an
    arranged palliative care program..
    while others, with just as much
    authority, falsely claim she has
    but two weeks to live.. Hiding
    from the mistake, willing instead
    to see my mom continued forsaken.
    Please, for the love of God, for
    mercy, call Chris as a provincial
    legislator, or city counselor, or
    the greatly honorable Prime Minister,
    to demand the public inquest start

    The Protection of Persons in Care Act's, Senior
    Administrator can be contacted at 204 --- ----

    I can only once again, use words to
    describe, that this unresolved situation,
    is incredibly dire if left unfairly
    attended.. There are other lives at
    risk.. Solutions to not have such a
    mistake happen once more seem easy..
    But delaying this process, simply
    because a Manitoba employee in on
    vacation.. to me, sounds kind of..
    crazy.. Right? It's like, 'yes Mr.
    Rockefeller, I understand, but Bill
    is on Vacation right now, and he handles
    all bank robberies... But as soon as he
    get's back, well get on track to
    following the fleeing suspects..'
    In this action I take, I believe
    I help the administrator also, to
    draw attention to himself, not to
    necessarily admonish, but to defend..
    Power is with the people.. These are
    serious charges.. involving more than
    just my mother. There is more to this
    case. I would recommend RCMP
    investigators also have a look over
    the evidence at hand, most naturally.

    Ca|| me with any questions you may have..

    John Kinal .. 204 --- ----

    Please, for the love of mercy,
    forward this information also..

    '..thousands of similar complaints..'

    Please.. they are abusing my mom with
    lies as hiding from public accountability.
    Don't let an innocent Canadian pay for
    their continuing mistake.. Yes, there
    are potentially 1000's of victims falling,
    treated for shortness of breath, to
    shorten their breaths to suffocation. Yes,
    I know too, extremely disturbing
    as to know such a thing appears
    happening.. To see the video of my
    mother suffocating under the poisoning..
    ..and to care not for such a kind gentle
    women in her eighties? How can you not
    care for your own mother? How can you
    live without yourselves being human?
    All on board? That's what you'd figure..
    Right?. My expenses are great.. anyone
    want to help chip in for the cab fares?


    On Feb 2,, 2016 after discovering my mother to be on death meds, namely hydromorphone to hamper breathing for death, I demanded such madness stop immediately.. telling Dr. T of all the witnesses the day before, and the official record of Jennie up with
    several physiotherapists , Dr. T agreed to call a halt.. Then ordering, that if Jennie, woman with 'multiple organ failure' seems in dire need for such opiates, I will be called to witness such anguish..

    [continued in next message]

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