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    by Dick Eastman

    An elite ruling class has risen in Western Civilization-at the top of
    this elite are the merchant bankers who are Zionist (Jewish
    supremacist) Jews.

    Saddam Hussein was a populist-and he was elected to his office --
    and it is exactly populist nationalist leaders that the Jewish bankers
    seek to destroy-the Jewish merchant bankers do not want countries
    where the masses have a high standard of living and a culture (and a
    faith in God) of their own -- the Jewish merchant bankers did not
    want Saddam Hussein showing the world what a country could do if it
    devoted its wealth to national development -- and so they lured him
    into a war so that the United States could make war with him in 1990
    Gulf War -- then US President George Bush actually signaled US
    permission for Saddam Hussein to go ahead with his invasion over the
    issue of slant drilling-only after this-and after a flood of Jewish
    newsmedia propaganda-now all shown to be lies (like the falsely
    alleged stealing of hospital intensive-care neo-natal isolets-which
    never happened) and so the Americans led an expedition to slaughter.
    And after that came the sanctions -- started under the older Bush and continued by Bill Clinton (both tools of the Jewish Merchant Bankers) sanctions that starved millions, that prevented Saddam Hussein from
    furthering his national policies-sanctions, but also the no-fly zones
    and bombing sortees (more bombing sortees were flown during the eleven
    years of sanctions than were flown during the actual Gulf War)
    sanctions that prevented even current medical journals-during the
    sanctions hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children under five died
    during the 1990's from preventable, curable diseases: primarily
    water-borne bacteriological infections and acute respiratory
    infections that Iraq simply lacked the anti-biotic and other medicine
    to cure (what irony when the US supposedly went to war over stolen
    infant-care isolets that were never actually stolen!) -- prevented
    from reaching Iraq due to sanctions-whereas in the 1980's Iraq's
    medical facilities were comparable to those in the United States. In
    the name of preventing Iraq from developing weapons the sanctions
    destroyed all of Iraq's industry and trade. But this is as nothing
    compared to what the Jewish Merchant Bankers are doing to Iraq today.

    The attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001 were false-flag
    attacks conducted by Mossad and Zionist Jews with primary loyalty to
    Israel who had infiltrated the Bush administration, especially the
    defense department, but also every other strategic position that
    needed to be covered in order to pull of the false-flag attack. The
    purpose of the attack was to motivate the United States' war on Islam
    and to degrade the American republic in the same way and for the same
    reason that the Jewish merchant bankers sought to degrade Iraq. (They
    also wanted to control Afganistan-but that was more because the Moslem
    Taliban had been erradicating the opium crops that provide the basic ingredient for Chinese heroin sold in Europe and elsewhere with
    revenues of over a $trillion a year that are laundered into the Jewish
    Merchant banks and then invested in the industrialization of China.)

    And the US Occupation of Saddam Hussein's country has included the
    presence of Israeli advisors -- who have not simply advised on
    torture techniques and methods for turning Iraq into Palestine -- but
    have also been kidnapping and murdering or simply gunning down all of
    the intellectuals, scientists and academics and engineers and skilled
    leaders of Iraq -- dumbing down the nation, robbing it of the
    intelligence needed to run a modern high-standard-of-living society
    -- because of Jewish hatred and racism -- the racism and hatred that
    has been fomented by the sponsors of Zionism, that is, by the Jewish
    Merchant Bankers who seek to run the world -- who in fact to run- and
    own-the world at this very minute.

    Remember how Mohammed Omar told George Bush that he would arrest and
    extradite Ossama bin Laden if the US would only supply some evidence
    linking bin Ladin to the September attacks. Bush would not -- so he
    invaded and all those people died (and are still dying). Remember how
    Saddam Hussein invited the CIA itself to come in and freely inspect
    his country for "Weapons of Mass Destruction" and Bush refused the
    offer, insisting upon attacking-his administration knowing that there
    was no real evidence of WMD's. The official reasons for these wars
    were all lies -- it is the agenda of the Jewish merchant bankers that
    these wars, these deaths, these destructions of nations take place.

    It is no accident that the Jewish Merchant Bankers-the Zionists --
    are at war with Islam. Islam is a universal faith -- all people are
    enjoined to submit to Allah and to acknowledge the prophet of God
    Mohammed-and thus all become brothers -- a faith with no drugs or
    alcohol or pornography (which the Jews promote to destroy others so
    that they may gain) and without usury.. The Israelis in Iraq are also
    blowing up Shiites so that Sunnis will be blamed -- promoting wars
    between these two groups that have lived in peace for so long before
    the coming of the Americans and their Israelis advisors.)

    Christianity has been taken over by Zionists -- the tops of the
    denominations have been bought -- the Christian religious
    broadcasters are all Zionist propagandists-the publishers are all
    pushing the Zionist line -- and the teachings of Jesus are forgotten
    (love your enemy, turn the cheek, return good for evil, die to self,
    wash each other's feet, to give is better than to receive etc.) --
    and Americans-being shown by the Jew-controlled media a picture of
    "evil" Islam, of "Muslims" as terrorists who "hate our freedoms" and
    other totally false stupidities that propaganda instills -- and so
    the United States is dead to faith in God. It is banished in the porno-debt-slavery-dumbed-down-and-deceived culture that the Jewish
    merchant bankers have alotted to the people who were once middle-class

    Only the Moslems are fighting global domination by Jewish merchant
    bankers-not all Moslems, but many of them are fighting -- and how do
    you fight an enemy so powerful, with such economic and political
    might, with such technology of killing and control? Strapping a bomb
    to oneself is not a very effective means of fighting-but it is all
    that is available to those who do it -- and they fight for their
    country, and for their very ability to worship Allah-which the Jews
    are determined to take away and replace with their own version of
    Islam, just has they have created their own version of Zionism-serving Christianity..

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