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    Cheer Up, Things Could Be Worse

    I'm really feeling down on the the struggles of living, failing to stop my mother from being murdered in hospital by true psychopaths.. and the only thing I have now to hold out in hope for.. is please Life.. things can't get much worse.. Like now facing
    hunger and maybe homelessness.. I've lived many years, now in my 50th, as loving life.. I've lived holding to do right for others, as too caring for falling forsaken crime victims, would serve an intelligence that would will good for all as trying to
    be naturally civilized.. [I've solved scientifically 9/11, Sandy Hook, and the Boston Bombings to name three] This "God" however, couldn't tell me not to take my mother to a place of which,
    I've discovered, no one has ever escaped.. Everyone is tortured, then first degree murdered once assigned to be robbed of all our rights..My mother's pleas, and my own mattered none. For more than a decade Winnipeg has been mass murdering like this..
    Some tortured for months and months by sadistic demon enemies of all things great and small.. If Life truly cared for me, as I to life, I would have been made privy of this hell somehow, and not have lost my precious mother. If Life cared for me, when I
    phoned the police, CBC TV, and newspapers, while she was being openly beaten and tortured, someone would have come to my aid, to care for little old ladies abused so severe. Children and young
    men are murdered there too. Unlike most everyone, my mother means the world.. In our city, we have big wall central downtown.. that I've seen, but only read after her death.. addressing a character Jennie, not receiving the care she needs.. I also
    discovered great ways to defend my mother's life, after she was helplessly murdered right in front of me. Oh yeah.. thanks "God".. that's life.. contemptuous death. Any joy in my life now, seems near impossible. Unless I somehow secure Justice for my mom
    Jennie. People can't care if they are not made aware.. But the one only newspaper in a province of 1.6 million, and the only semi legitimate TV news organization.. told me, as they've told
    literally, thousands of other families, stop bothering them.. Where is my humanity? Where is my world? Dead already? So cheer up.. things could be worse.


    EXAMPLE EMAIL: Redone in whatever way you see fitting..

    Hello.. My name is John Kinal, and am pleading to
    our world, to look much closer at an issue of clearly
    murder occurring at a Winnipeg hospital titled, 'comfort
    care'. My mother's life was stolen in front of me, with
    barely nothing I could do to save her. No complaints
    departments anywhere.. I can be reached here for
    further questions, or interview by phone or Skype. .

    Seems my posts prior, have been blocked by many
    email clients.. as suspected spam.. Auto computer
    coder, looking out for informative post no doubt, rules
    over everyone without telling? Do you like that? Being
    uncaring, to hide behind an intention of blindness? Not
    me. If you have received this already, bare with it please..
    I'm trying to get people interested in saving mass murder
    victims. You really should give it a minute or two to think
    over. What if such allegations are true? What if it was the
    warning for Pearl Harbor? ..or a new 9/11?

    The Public must be warned

    Support a Public Inquest, Truth Commission,
    and Police Investigation on HSC's "Comfort
    Care" program of murder, in the first degree.
    Where your loved one is sentenced to die
    victim to neglect as official public
    paid for policy.

    Now, what I'll do.. is include one simple link to the story..

    Support a Public Inquest into the many continuing deaths...


    I will our world to wake up to this nightmare.

    Real people are dying who don't need to be..
    It's called murder, and it's against our law.

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