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    Their proposed crooked bridge is intended to replace their side of the
    causeway and is not for the 2nd link.

    Their side of the causeway from the middle is to be demolished for the sea water in the Johor straits to flow through instead of now in a stagnant condition.

    The crooked bridge is to link up with the remainder side of the SG's

    Even so, there will not be much relieve of the traffic jam as the crooked bridge is long enough to accommodate the long queue of vehicles waiting on
    the down-sloped of the crooked bridge.

    Essentially, how fast the vehicles moved is dependent on how fast and how thorough the checkpoint officers carried out their checks and searches on Singapore side of it.

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    If the crooked bridge connects the Causeway or the 2nd Link on the Malaysian side, then Malaysia doesn't need Singapore's consent.

    Mahathir is old and can go any time, so he is desperate and may try this for the contractor who had already paid the 10%.

    If the crooked bridge connects the Causeway or 2nd Link on the Malaysian
    side, it will clear traffic from Singapore faster. So it's okay with me, provided it's only one way. Imagine the chaos at the Singapore side if
    traffic coming from Malaydia on two bridges converges into one bridge
    towards Singapore.


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