• The prospects for sustainable US China Relations

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    The prospects for sustainable US China Relations

    The current trade imbalance between the US and the PRC is unsustainable. We have a 100 billion dollar trade imbalance with them and this directly arms and fosters the militarization of the chinese economy. Equally so our Offshoring (outsourcing) policies
    of exporting US jobs overseas to china directly affects our national security and overall the strength of our economy. Trade tariffs alone will not be sufficient if we don't address the role of US multinational Corporations role in exporting US jobs
    overseas to China. Tax subsidies for US multinational corporations are a short term fix. Long term sustainability should focus on ending the current US territorial tax system that sheilds MNC's overseas assets from taxation by the US government.

    Furthermore if we wish to contain Nork Korea (DPRK) we must stop our offshoring policies by US MNC's in the region. The DPRK is a proxy of the PRC and no action taken by them occurs without the PRC's blessing. If war between the DPRK becomes necessary,
    then we must divest ourselves from our dependent trading relationship with them, as it is a direct threat to our national security

    In China (PRC) one could say the need arises for them to develop a pluralistic form of governance and allow for provincial and national elections. The rationale behind the People's republic of china is that it was formed out of the exploitative
    experience of colonialism. However, the PRC should acknowledge that its conquest of Tibet in the 1950's was equally a demonstration of colonialism by its own action of invading a sovereign independent nation. Thus neither the US or the PRC can escape
    their legacy of colonialism. However, the course for peace stems from the adoption of pluralistic democracy (multiple parties), ending the one party state in china, and developing an equitable balance of capitalism between the world's two largest

    While the PRC is the dominant Hegemon in the region the Republic of Taiwan has the most democratically viable form of government that would best serve the mainland as well. Doctor Sun Yat sen would not have approved of communism, one party rule and
    corruption among the PRC communist cadres. Until China adopts pluralistic democracy the USA will never allow the PRC to invade Taiwan.

    What doctor Sun Yat Sen taught: Nationalism, Democracy, and the People's Livelyhood (Tongmenghui)


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    American freedom and democracy slogan is not needed anywhere outside the US. Such a slogan has been used for numerous regime changes, subjucation or attempted subjucation of other people, and hegemonic bullying all over the world.


    Wrong, Taiwan has an indigenous democracy that is viable for its citizens. The one party state symbolizes all that is wrong with china. One party rule is the same as Fascism, which the PRC is headed down that road if militarization of the economy by the
    PLA continues. Furthermore, the PRC does not allow the right to vote like taiwan does. Hence you have no voice and cant remove corrupt cadres.

    Furthermore no Chairman of the CCP should serve more than a 10 year term. Xi Jin Ping has essentially declared himself communist bastard emperor; aping the Ming dynasty while still being aetheist sell outs. There can be no unification of the ROC and the
    PRC until the PRC adopts pluralistic democracy.



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