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    Elio I. Valarezo escreveu:
    Sábado, 10 de Abril, 2021 de Nuestro Salvador Jesucristo,
    Guayaquil, Ecuador-Iberoamérica

    (Cartas del cielo son escritas por Iván Valarezo)

    The Father needs to increase every Sabbath’s richness to every day
    to welcome His new earth enriched by you forever:

    anting not only Abraham his son Isaac with the sacred-flesh and the atoning-blood but also the King Messiah born in Canaan from David’s
    virgin daughter, thus we have a perfect salvation that truly loves
    Him forever.

    For our heavenly Father really needs to destroy the sinful-flesh
    and the spirit of error’s richness accumulated throughout the earth
    by Satan and his wicked followers, as Satanists families, because
    He needs His sacred-flesh and Holy Spirit to prevail in His cher,
    invite JESUS into your life to become your personal Savior. See
    Romans 10:13

    Esse grupo é sobre o que mesmo?

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