• Pity the SPICS, don't hate them-- they can't help being losers

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    On Sunday, October 1, 2006 at 12:37:51 AM UTC-7, The Gringo Superhero wrote:
    I feel sorry for Beaners. No other people in history has such a
    pathetic history of failure, foul-ups and generallized incompetence
    than Spics. I think though that i've gotten a handle on why the Spics
    are such frustrated people and continue to be-- at birth, they're
    weighed down by the knowledge that they and their fellow Spics are embarrassingly inferior to us Gringos in every way, and they're
    reminded every day about their inadequacies which drives them crazy.
    Spics should be pitied, not hated.
    Think about it. Against the great Anglo armies of the United States,
    Spic nations have ammassed the most humiliating pathetic military
    record in history. The Anglos went in and beat up some Spics in
    Florida and then just snatched it away from the Spics like it was
    nobody's business. I mean, just went in there and delivered a major
    Spic ass-kickin', just said, "you Spics suck, we're taking this Florida
    land bitch, so suck it up and deal with it." As always the Spics
    whined about those meanie Gringos, but of course they were too pathetic
    to actually fight.
    Then the Spics suffered the ultimate humiliation in the Mexican War
    when the Gringos went in and not only invaded the Spic-land of Mexico
    but actually occupied the Spic capital at Mexico City. Spics can't
    deal with the fact that they got their asses handed to them by good ol'
    Zach Taylor and his fellow Gringo heroes, they can't deal with the fact
    that Gringos were there in control of Mexico City, sippin' on tequila
    and taking sweet liberties with the Spic lasses at least those who
    weren't already busy multiplying like fleas, beating up a few Spic
    losers for sport and then taking HALF of Mexico's territory afterward.
    I mean, has any country lost that much territory at one time? Only a
    true loser of a country, no, a true loser of a people could manage a
    feat of incompetence like that.
    Then the Spics got invaded dozens more times in the Caribbean, the Porto--Ricans got their asses kicked and conquered, the Dominicans got whacked, Nicaragua got its ass kicked, we even just waltzed into Panama
    and took over the place for a day, playing loud heavy metal at Manny Noriega's palace just to rub it in a little more.
    Even that doesn't capture the level of the Spic's imcompetence.
    They're good for bringin' in a little dope here and there and not much
    else. They're so dumb, when they try to build cars they wind up
    screwing up and turnin' a perfectly fine set o' wheels into a Lowrider
    that can't get its lousy ass halfway up the ground. The Spics'
    language is hilariously sad, I mean, every time I hear Spanish I crack
    up cuz it always sounds like baboon gibberish. Spic music is so lame I
    just about doze off everytime i'm changing radio stations and come
    across it, sounds like a bunch of elementary school students in a
    school band cluelessly screwin' around with their tubas and trumpets.
    So in conclusion my Gringo friends, Spics are not to be hated. I know
    most of us Gringos really do hate them, but they should instead be
    objects of pity to us. Imagine how awful it must be for some loser to
    be born a Spic, trapped in a Spic body and inheriting the Spic record
    of unparalleled failure and incompetence.
    Gringo Superhero
    I agree with all your Spic sentiments, but I'm so distracted by your horrible spelling and pun

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