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    Dear Anil:

    I am a lover of Malayalam songs. I just saw this sight by accident. Your mission is admirable. I hope you are still at it: translating Malayalam songs into English. I can be of help to you by giving you feedback on your translations. I have some
    knowledge in English. I would very much like to be in touch with you. I am providing below my contact details.

    Warm regards,



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    MOB: +91 84 6039 7730

    EMAIL: GopiKaruvath@gmail.com

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    Hi music lovers,

    I would like to start a thread for the English meanings of malayalam songs with
    excellent lyrics and music. For those who find this interesting, would you please take a
    few minutes to jot down the lyrics and their meanings in English of their favourite song(s).
    To start with here is Athma Vidyaalayame..the song from the movie "Harishchandra". Please
    note that I would encourage people to criticise if they find faults with the translation.

    Sung by : Kamukara Purushothaman
    Enacted by : ??
    Scene: A graveyard
    Film: Harishchandra
    Song: AthmaVidyalayame..

    Here the lyricist compares the "Chudalakkad" (graveyard) to a school full of students who
    are actually nothing but souls. (Athma VidyAlayame...)

    //Here there are no castes and thoughts
    //Those who live here are just a handful of burnt material.

    IllA JAthikal..Vere VichAram
    Evide Pukavar Oru Kai ChAram

    //Whether one be a beggar or a king
    //Here in this earth, ends up in a huge pyre

    MannavanAtte YAchakanAtte
    Mannithiloduvil Van Chitha Naduvil..

    //The very same head that we once used to
    //deck with "thilakam" and comb nicely

    Thilakam ChArthi, Cheekiyum AzakAy
    PalanAl Pottiya Punya Sirasse..

    //You, who once wanted to capture the world
    //Is now just a skull worth nothing...

    Ulakam VellAn Uzariya Neeyo,
    VilapidiyAthoru ThalayodAy...


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