• Kerala's ex-Minister Jayarajan now in teakwood trap

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    The Pioneer, dailypioneer.com
    Saturday, October 22, 2016

    Kochi - CPI(M)'s central committee member EP Jayarajan,
    who had resigned as Industries minister on October 14
    over charges of nepotism, has now fallen into another
    trap with allegations coming up that he had recommended
    delivery of teakwood worth several crores of rupees from
    the Forest Department free of cost for the renovation of
    a temple at his birthplace in Kannur which is being
    administered by a trust that allegedly has his relatives
    as members.

    The charge against Jayarajan is that he had sent a
    recommendation in his letter pad as (then) Industries
    Minister to Forests Minister K Raju of the CPI that 1,200
    cubic metres of teakwood costing a minimum of `17 crore
    be given free of cost to the Chuzhali Devi Temple at
    Irinavu for its renovation.

    The teakwood allegedly sought for, with Jayarajan's
    recommendation, was reportedly meant for the flag-post
    and other purposes at the temple in the Kallyassery
    constituency represented not by Jayarajan but by young
    Marxist MLA TV Rajesh. Jayarajan, however, said he had
    nothing to do with the temple and that he had only
    forwarded a memorandum from its committee.

    The Forest Minister on Friday admitted to the media that
    he had received a recommendation in Jayarajan's official
    letter pad as (then) Minister supporting the temple
    committee's request for teakwood. He also said that the
    request was turned down by the officials of his
    department as there was no legal provision for allotting
    forest resources in this way.

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