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    I just returned from Kerala myself and I have a different take on
    this. Somehow I got the feeling that the youngsters would rather
    watch Hindi movies if they are given the choice, which is unfortunate since nothing much has changed in the quality side of the hopeless bollywood creations. This strange unexplainable phenomenon has led
    to the top Malayalam distributors interested in distributing a Hindi movie like "Rangeela" rather than buying the rights for a new
    Mammootti starrer , since Mammooti is no longer an automatic take-in
    for Malayalis. Mallus are for sure sick of the so called comedy
    movies and tear jerkers doesn't seem to sell that well too.
    Only thing that really a common man would like to see in his nearby theatre after a hard day's work ;-) is his usual "stunt padam".

    The taste of the malayalies for movies keeps oscillating. Do you remember when the success formula of Malayalm movies was Mammootty, Baby Shalani
    and a suitcase. Those movies (a big series of them) were also big hits
    in those days, I can't imagine some one seeing movie after movie with
    the same ingradient. I have doubts when someone says that the taste of
    the Malayalies is the reason for the great movies produced by Malayalies.
    It is true that good movies like Oru Vadakkan Veera Gatha, Kereedam etc.
    were embraced by the viewers. But we also saw failures of good movies
    like Aranyakam.

    I liked some of the Siddiq-lal comedies. But if you want to see some
    good commedy movies now, watch the stunt movies where the technical imperfections and the hifi dramatic dialogues would make you laugh
    (Maybe too much of Hollywood influence on me). In "The King" through
    out the movie Mammootty would render some high sounding english words,
    and before the viewer starts wondering what the meanings of the words
    are, he himself translates it to Malayalam in his next sentence.
    As some one commented after seeing the movie, it can be prescribed to
    Mallus preparing for GRE :-). I haven't seen a single person who said
    that (s)he liked 'The King', but still it was a success. (!?)

    I am sure that the current trend would end and the mallus would
    return to Malayalam movies when they start producing better ones.


    I'm writing this in 2017.So happy to see that malayalam industry has moved to a realistic genre.

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