• HAPPY 4RTH OF JULY! FREEDOM in the U.S. constitution transcends all pol

    From Jedi Master@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jul 1 22:41:42 2021
    Those who do not live in individual freedom cannot give it to others. Individual freedom must be lived in order to be able to give it to others. Dictatorships who oppress people only make a show of freedom because their real aim is to spread dictatorship
    and oppression in the world. Meetings and negotiations that are not aimed at establishing individual freedom among the people cannot establish peace and understanding but only bring disagreement, socio-political division, and more violence.

    Freedom cannot be rubber stamped. Governments who do not practice and maintain individual freedom actually misuse freedom to spread dictatorship. Individual freedom is self explanatory and anyone who opposes it is a false prophet because without freedom
    to believe or not believe one cannot have faith in absolute truth. Without individual freedom there can be no advancement of knowledge distinguished from illusion, understanding and what to speak of peace.

    Freedom is not an American invention but is created by God Himself as the constitutional identity of all humanity for all time.

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