• The Absolute Evil Of Chinese communism

    From Jedi Master@21:1/5 to All on Sat May 8 13:16:42 2021
    Chinese communism is the totalitarian atheistic political system in the advanced stages of implementing the dictatorship of the labor class based on the false atheistic philosophy of Marxism called dialectical materialism. Dialectical materialism is
    based on false government ownership of everything (official atheism) and the outlawing of all private property and individual freedom. Thus Chinese communism/socialism is based on the false revolutionary propaganda that all people are equal as slaves of
    the central government ownership and dictatorship when the opposite is true, all people are enslaved by Chinese communism.

    The false philosophy of Chinese communism fool's people into believing that all people are equal as slaves of the central government which is a fool's paradise not reality distinguished from illusion for the ultimate welfare of all people. Thus instead
    of creating harmony and oneness in the world Chinese communism actually spreads absolute division and conflict between the government dictators and its slaves the rest of the world. People will never knowingly choose to become slaves of a monolithic
    political party thus Chinese communism is absolute evil masquerading as man made religion, military dictatorship, and economic development.

    In reality Chinese communism/socialism is the dictatorship of the uneducated labor class over all other occupational groups namely mercantile, military, and priestly intellectual. Thus it is a monolithic police state based on misperceiving man as god and
    the exclusive owner of everything. Their agenda is to ultimately deny people their freedom and enslave the world.

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