• The highest purpose of human life is to acquire knowledge of reality di

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    That function requires individual freedom. The freedom to believe or not believe in any issue is left to the individual. In America of constitutional freedoms citizens can pursue life, liberty, and happiness as long as it does not infringe on other's
    constitutional rights to the same otherwise known as equality under the law. All men are created equal but are conditioned by material nature, namely race, religion, wealth, occupation etcetera

    That socio-economic and political system which is based on one's quality of work instead of material conditioning or birth and race is correct. Their is upward mobility through education and/or job training. Americans constitutional identity is
    individual freedom to express one's quality of work for upward mobility in the society.

    According to one's quality of work there are four major occupations namely intellectuals, military/police, mercantile, and laborer.

    Intellectuals are the most highly intelligent and educated in the nature of being and reality (ontology) and the origin of everything (philosophy and religion). They engage in study and teaching and are paid more or less by donations.

    The military/police is expert in the use of weapons to defend people's lives and property from thieves, violence, and vandals etcetera, regardless of material conditions of race, religion, occupation, nationality etcetera. They are paid by government

    The mercantile occupation produces food, shelter, and clothing and in today's advanced technology as endless variety of consumer goods. They are paid more or lessd by supply and demand profits.

    Laborers are service providers that work manually. They are paid more or less by money or room and board by their employers.

    Thus the individual has a duty to oneself, the family, community, and nation to pursue any of these four types of occupations. There is no reason to protest about anything in the American democratic socio-economic system. To change the world through
    civil disobedience and protests is self defeating. It is best to change one's thinking first then the world will automatically.

    In China's Marxist communism/socialism dictatorship protests are against the removal of individual freedom because freedom is essential for the advancement of knowledge.

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