• One democratic China serves all the people not just the labor class

    From Jedi Master@21:1/5 to All on Wed May 27 04:05:06 2020
    The Chinese Communist Party tries to force the collective oneness on China which is false philosophy and corrupt. They do not accept the pluralism and variegatedness of the social order and try to force all occupational groups into one group the labor
    class with the false revolutionary propaganda "we are all equal as slaves of the government." Thus terrorism and ethnic cleansing is their means.

    Communists are atheistic and do not know that oneness in the material world is impossible because material nature is variegated by constitution. There are four major occupational groups intellectuals, military, mercantile, and labor that have different
    qualities of work and they cannot be forced into the labor class. Real oneness in society is achieved only in the theistic spiritual world.

    Communism is the dictatorship of the labor class over all other occupational groups based on the false philosophy of dialectical materialism where everything is misperceived as being owned by the government. Thus there is no individual freedom nor
    knowledge of reality distinguished from illusion for the ultimate welfare of all people.

    Pluralistic democracy is individual freedom and it brings peace and security for all people without which there can be no economic nor spiritual advancement for all people.

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