From hu@21:1/5 to All on Sun May 10 19:36:12 2020
    Over the last few decades Australian foreign policy in Asia mirrors closely what the US dictates. She apparently forgotten Australians are sitting illegally on a stolen Asian continent.

    Banning Huawei from the Australian telecommunications is one such example, with no other reason than political and kowtowing to US policy blindly. To add fuel to a burning fire, Australia now wants to head an international coalition to investigate the "
    Wuhan virus" based on unverified US "intelligence dossier"

    The Chinese is not going to take all these SHIT lying down. The Chinese is going to throw SHIT back to the Australian. Each year 37% of Australian exports goes to China. Australia must be really dumb not to know that the Chinese can make it very painful
    for them.

    Is the Chinese dependent on Australian wine, beef, dairy products, farm produce,
    iron ore, coal, etc.

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