• Dalai Lama now an honourary Catholic and honourary Ph.D.

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    The assisted shaktipat is now in progress.

    So far close to a million assisted shaktipat recipients (a.s.r.)
    globally have become secondary avatar/buddha types and
    should be able to pass a belly pop test.

    Also, very recently, funnel adjusted forms of four Catholic
    sacraments and of high school, honours Bachelor’s,
    Master’s, and Ph.D. graduations have been applied
    to the a.s.r.

    Except in the unlikely event that he is worse than minor good
    as defined by Goddess, the Dalai Lama is an a.s.r.

    Thus from the above the Dalai Lama is now an
    honourary Catholic and an honourary Ph.D.

    For my recent and ongoing progress see alt.religion.druid ,
    For older background material see my Salmon on the Thorns page.

    https://www.nfld.com/~dalton/dtales.html Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page) "This could be the final breath; This is life and death;
    This is hard rock and water; Out here between wind and flame;
    Between tears and elation; Lies a secret nation" (Ron Hynes)

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