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    whose country is suffering from
    hyperinflation leading to starvation and mass suffering, what do you do?

    Dunno. Ask Macri. No US sanctions (the real cause of misery in Venezuela, and the people there know it) and he's managed to increase Argentina's government/foreign debt threefold, and salaries are 1/6
    (in US$) what they were when he took office. Investment grade minus
    Hunger and unemployment everywhere.
    Right wing politics will do that.
    So you ask what will he do?
    Probably flee the country who's people he betrayed and be a
    billionaire in the US.
    And leave the Social Democrats with the Herculean mission of
    rebooting the economy.
    Best of luck, Argentina. I won't cry for you though, you
    brought it on yourselves.

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