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    We are supplier of Double A Copy papers A4 80GSM  (100% Virgin Woold Pulp, 102-104%). Our A4 Copy Paper 70GSM, 75GSM 80GSM (100% Virgin Woold Pulp, 102-104%) confirm to EU,Asia,US and International quality standard. We supply at the below specs :-
    Double A Copy Paper A4 80GSM 102-104%:
    Copier A4 (Original)
    - Size: A4 (210mm x 297mm)
    - Substance: 80gsm
    - Brightness: 102-104% above
    - Color: white
    - Whiteness: CIE167
    - Grade: All purpose Premium Paper
    - Sheet in Ream: 500
    - Roughness: 140ml/Min
    - Roughness: 140ml/Min
    - Thickness: 110um
    - Opacity: 95%
    - Ream box: 5 Ream
    - Quality: Very High
    Key Performance
    - No jam in Photocopy machines
    - No double feed
    - Stay flat after copying (even in laser)
    - Leave no dust in the copy machine
    - White and clean, Smooth


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