• John Kinal was having sex with his mommy and they got busted!

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    The Winnipeg police

    Your mother was giving you a piece of ass and you two whores got

    Ottawa mom, son plead guilty to incest
    Witnessed by her daughter

    OTTAWA - A judge handed a 53-year-old woman and her 35-year-old
    son probation for incest Thursday after the pair admitted to a
    sordid tryst, witnessed by her daughter and his sister at her
    father's deathbed.

    But the judge saved his comments for the woman, a scrawny figure
    dressed in black with rust-coloured dyed hair who stood apart
    from her son, a heavy-set man with a shaved head.

    "I think your conduct speaks for itself, particularly as a
    mother," Judge Paul Belanger said as he gave her two years
    probation, twice as much as her son.

    "I'm going to leave the opprobrium to your own conscience and
    perhaps the wrath of others. Above and beyond what I might do,
    the ostracism of members of your family and perhaps others in
    society will be significant punishment for you."

    Mother and son can't be named to protect the witness, the
    woman's daughter and man's sister.

    On May 14, 2010, she was visiting her dying father's apartment
    along with her mother and brother. They'd been drinking.

    She stepped onto a balcony to smoke and happened to look through
    a window into a bedroom.

    She saw her brother having sex with her mother, whose skirt was
    hiked up around her waist.

    Disgusted, she banged on the window. Her brother looked up with
    an expression of shock and embarrassment.

    Her mother — "totally detached from reality” — tried to convince
    her daughter nothing had happened.

    "I view (the son) as as much of a victim as a perpetrator,"
    defence lawyer Robert Meagher said, arguing his client, who has
    biopolar disorder, had a "horrific" upbringing including being
    taken into care at 12 for abuse. He then suffered more abuse in
    foster homes, court heard.

    "Regardless of whether your children are 16, 26 or 36, they're
    still your children and she should have known better," Meagher

    The pair was ordered to seek counselling for alcohol and
    substance abuse and is forbidden from contacting each other or
    the witness.

    She's devastated at losing the brother she loved and any chance
    of being close to her mom. Her dad never got his wish of dying
    with the family he loved around him.

    "It breaks my heart and it hurts more knowing my family will
    never be the same," she said in a victim-impact statement. "I am
    hoping that they will get the help they need. That is my wish
    for them, to get the help they needed a long time ago."



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