• Freedom of faith in Myanmar

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    Freedom of faith in Myanmar

    Union of Myanmar, 135 distinct ethnic groups officially recognised by the Myanmar government. reside, unity built through loving kindness, and peace and ranquility maintained through justice, are the most important elements to keep the Union in peace and
    perpetuity. National races have been living in the Union of Myanmar through thick and thin, and we regard ourselves as the flesh and blood of the Union. So the ties of kinship among us are indivisible.

    A significant characteristic of Myanmar that national races had freedom of faith and the right to maintain their own cultural traditions, that in fact, all the faiths teach all their faithful to be imbued with loving kindness, compassion and sympathy and
    to have high moral character, and also contribute to the flourishing of peace and tranquility and justice in the society. The belief that the nation under the prevalence of peace and loving kindness will be able to stand tall with pride among the
    international community, if all live in accord with the teachings of their respective religions.

    The state was rendering assistance and protection to all in ensuring religious freedom in the nation and for flourishing of all the faiths in the Union, and that at present cent-per-cent religious freedom flourishes in the nation; protection was being
    given from the legal, administrative and social point of views in ensuring religious freedom on all fronts and in all corners. It was a significant fact that though the government was giving priority to the promotion and propagation of Theravada Buddhism,
    the religion of the majority, it is also providing assistance and protection for the flourishing of other religions.

    Not only the government, but also the religious leaders and all those who have devotion, should ward off slanderous acts that would lead to eclipsing of noble principles such as loving kindness, unity and peace and tranquility. Peace and tranquility
    exists in almost every part of the Union as the leaders of all the religious faiths are actively taking part together with the government in endeavours to free the national people from disagreements and suspicions and to build mutual love, respect,
    understanding and trust among the national people.

    Some external organizations were launching accusations that there existed racial and religious discrimination inside Myanmar, and were applying various means to weaken national solidarity and diminish the peace prospects with intent to break up the Union.
    State respects and values national unity, it would always strive for winning national consolidation and likewise all the prominent persons and religious leaders should harmoniously strive with Union Spirit for the flourishing of favourable conditions
    such as peace, unity and development in the Union.

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