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    By Aviroce

    Once my grandchild had a plastic gun which he pointed towards me feeling he had a great strength because he seemed to feel powerful. I told him "No Ian. The other person may have a gun too." His facial complexion changed. He let go of his gun. He was
    four years old. This is the problem we face with every group from a country we invade, vandalize, savage, commit atrocities against its population. We are predators. There are peoples in these countries. They lose their loved ones. Why should we feel
    that we have an absolute immunity from being followed or attacked?

    The problem we have with "Muslims" has been generated by the Zionist Nation that lives among us and conspires against us. They are zionists and are 4% of the USA population. And we are the American Nation and we are 96% of the USA population. The Zionist
    Nation wants to have absolute control on the American Nation so that the American Nation would shed blood and treasure for the Zionist Nation to help the International Zionist Nation in the Rogue State to establish the Zionist Empire, the Kingdom of Zion
    where non-jews are beasts, non-jews are non-human, only jews are human. Anything that blocks achieving that objective is considered hostile to the Zionist Nation.

    The Zionist Nation sees that countries of Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims should be target of expansion of the International Zionist Nation, the Rogue State, the Tyranny. Since these people amount to about Two Billions, it is mandatory to force USA to
    wage wars of expansion so that the Rogue State can expand.

    The Zionist Nation came with the solution. If it establishes hostilities between USA and Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims, then USA will wage the wars of conquests. Since most of these countries are Muslims, so put all these people under one flag called "
    Muslims." Palestinians, called Muslims. Syrians, called Muslims. Iraqis, called Muslims. Saudis, called Muslims. Afghanis,called Muslims. Pakistani, called Muslims. Iranians, called Muslims. Muslims everywhere. So the Zionist Nation incites the United
    States of America to attack all countries to open the path to expansion for Zionism.

    We tried it and we have been burnt. Obama has been trying to extricate USA from Zionist Nation's plan. He did it with Iran. But we are still mixed up in others.

    At home, in USA, the Zionist Nation through its over three hundred non-profit agencies propagate hatred of Muslims at home and abroad to seal the plan to occupy these countries by USA. People of these countries finding a home in USA find themselves
    treated in USA like they were treated abroad. With failure to adjust to hatred rhetoric at work and in society at large, these people turn to retaliation. There is no connection between these retaliations and any outside organization. Sometime we tend to
    say "Inspired by.." The fact of the matter these attacks are homegrown attacks because these people suffer from humiliation, dehumanization at work and in society. All for one main reason: Establishment of the Kingdom of Zion where non-Jews are non-Human,
    non-Jews are beasts. Such a racist ideology which condemns the Human Race to Human Filth by the International Zionist Nation in the Rogue State and the local Zionist Nation at home.

    May be it is just about time to force the Zionist Nation to repatriate to become members of the American Nation. Time is coming soon where the Zionist Organization will be forbidden operation within the United States of America as it is enemy of the
    American Nation.

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