• Russia-gate Flops as Democrats’ Golden Ticket

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    Exclusive: The national Democrats saw Russia-gate and the drive
    to impeach President Trump as their golden ticket back to power,
    but so far the ticket seems to be made of fool’s gold, writes
    Robert Parry.

    By Robert Parry

    The national Democratic Party and many liberals have bet heavily
    on the Russia-gate investigation as a way to oust President
    Trump from office and to catapult Democrats to victories this
    year and in 2018, but the gamble appears not to be paying off.

    The Democrats’ disappointing loss in a special election to fill
    a congressional seat in an affluent Atlanta suburb is just the
    latest indication that the strategy of demonizing Trump and
    blaming Russia for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 defeat may not be the
    golden ticket that some Democrats had hoped.

    Though it’s still early to draw conclusive lessons from Karen
    Handel’s victory over Jon Ossoff – despite his raising $25
    million – one lesson may be that a Middle America backlash is
    forming against the over-the-top quality of the Trump-
    accusations and the Russia-bashing, with Republicans rallying
    against the image of Official Washington’s “deep state”
    collaborating with Democrats and the mainstream news media to
    reverse a presidential election.

    Indeed, the Democrats may be digging a deeper hole for
    themselves in terms of reaching out to white working-class
    voters who abandoned the party in Pennsylvania, Michigan and
    Wisconsin to put Trump over the top in the Electoral College
    even though Clinton’s landslide win in California gave her
    almost three million more votes nationwide.

    Clinton’s popular-vote plurality and the #Resistance, which
    manifested itself in massive protests against Trump’s
    presidency, gave hope to the Democrats that they didn’t need to
    undertake a serious self-examination into why the party is in
    decline across the nation’s heartland. Instead, they decided to
    stoke the hysteria over alleged Russian “meddling” in the
    election as the short-cut to bring down Trump and his populist

    A Party of Snobs?

    From conversations that I’ve had with some Trump voters in
    recent weeks, I was struck by how they viewed the Democratic
    Party as snobbish, elitist and looking down its nose at “average
    Americans.” And in conversations with some Clinton voters, I
    found confirmation for that view in the open disdain that the
    Clinton backers expressed toward the stupidity of anyone who
    voted for Trump. In other words, the Trump voters were not wrong
    to feel “dissed.”

    It seems the Republicans – and Trump in particular – have done a
    better job in presenting themselves to these Middle Americans as
    respecting their opinions and representing their fears, even
    though the policies being pushed by Trump and the GOP still
    favor the rich and will do little good – and significant harm –
    to the middle and working classes.

    By contrast, many of Hillary Clinton’s domestic proposals might
    well have benefited average Americans but she alienated many of
    them by telling a group of her supporters that half of Trump’s
    backers belonged in a “basket of deplorables.” Although she
    later reduced the percentage, she had committed a cardinal
    political sin: she had put the liberal disdain for millions of
    Americans into words – and easily remembered words at that.

    By insisting that Hillary Clinton be the Democratic nominee –
    after leftist populist Bernie Sanders was pushed aside – the
    party also ignored the fact that many Americans, including many
    Democrats, viewed Clinton as the perfectly imperfect candidate
    for an anti-Establishment year with many Americans still fuming
    over the Wall Street bailouts and amid the growing sense that
    the system was rigged for the well-connected and against the
    average guy or gal.

    In the face of those sentiments, the Democrats nominated a
    candidate who personified how a relatively small number of lucky
    Americans can play the system and make tons of money while the
    masses have seen their dreams crushed and their bank accounts
    drained. And Clinton apparently still hasn’t learned that lesson.

    Citing Women’s Rights

    Last month, when asked why she accepted hundreds of thousands of
    dollars for speaking to Goldman Sachs, Clinton rationalized her
    greed as a women’s rights issue, saying: “you know, men got paid
    for the speeches they made. I got paid for the speeches I made.”

    Her excuse captured much of what has gone wrong with the
    Democratic Party as it moved from its working-class roots and
    New Deal traditions to becoming a party that places “identity
    politics” ahead of a duty to fight for the common men and women
    of America.

    Demonstrating her political cluelessness, Clinton used the
    serious issue of women not getting fair treatment in the
    workplace to justify taking her turn at the Wall Street money
    trough, gobbling up in one half-hour speech what it would take
    many American families a decade to earn.

    While it’s a bit unfair to personalize the Democratic Party’s
    problems, Hillary and Bill Clinton have come to represent how
    the party is viewed by many Americans. Instead of the FDR
    Democrats, we have the Davos Democrats, the Wall Street
    Democrats, the Hollywood Democrats, the Silicon Valley
    Democrats, and now increasingly the Military-Industrial Complex

    To many Americans struggling to make ends meet, the national
    Democrats seem committed to the interests of the worldwide
    elites: global trade, financialization of the economy,
    robotization of the workplace, and endless war against endless

    Now, the national Democrats are clambering onto the bandwagon
    for a costly and dangerous New Cold War with nuclear-armed
    Russia. Indeed, it is hard to distinguish their foreign policy
    from that of neoconservatives, although these Democrats view
    themselves as liberal interventionists citing humanitarian
    impulses to justify the endless slaughter.

    Earlier this year, a Washington Post/ABC News poll found only 28
    percent of Americans saying that the Democrats were “in touch
    with the concerns of most people” – an astounding result given
    the Democrats’ long tradition as the party of the American
    working class and the party’s post-Vietnam War reputation as
    favoring butter over guns.

    Yet rather than rethink the recent policies, the Democrats
    prefer to fantasize about impeaching President Trump and
    continuing a blame-game about who – other than Hillary Clinton,
    her campaign and the Democratic National Committee – is
    responsible for Trump’s election. Of course, it’s the Russians,
    Russians, Russians!

    A Problem’s Deep Roots

    Without doubt, some of the party’s problems have deep roots that
    correspond to the shrinking of the labor movement since the
    1970s and the growing reliance on big-money donors to finance
    expensive television-ad-driven campaigns. Over the years, the
    Democrats also got pounded for being “weak” on national security.

    Further, faced with Republican “weaponization” of attack ads in
    the 1980s, many old-time Democrats lost out to the Reagan
    Revolution, clearing the way for a new breed of Democrats who
    realized that they could compete for a slice of the big money by
    cultivating the emerging coastal elites: Wall Street, Silicon
    Valley, Hollywood and even elements of the National Security

    By the 1990s, President Bill Clinton and the Democratic
    Leadership Council defined this New Democrat, politicians who
    reflected the interests of well-heeled coastal elites,
    especially on free trade; streamlined financial regulations;
    commitment to technology; and an activist foreign policy built
    around spreading “liberal values” across the globe.

    Mixed in was a commitment to the rights of various identity
    groups, a worthy goal although this tolerance paradoxically
    contributed to a new form of prejudice among some liberals who
    came to view many white working-class people as fat, stupid and
    bigoted, society’s “losers.”

    So, while President Clinton hobnobbed with the modern economy’s
    “winners” – with sleepovers in the Lincoln bedroom and parties
    in the Hamptons – much of Middle America felt neglected if not
    disdained. The “losers” were left to rot in “flyover America”
    with towns and cities that had lost their manufacturing base
    and, with it, their vitality and even their purpose for existing.

    Republican Fraud

    It wasn’t as if the Republicans were offering anything better.
    True, they were more comfortable talking to these “forgotten
    Americans” – advocating “gun rights” and “traditional values”
    and playing on white resentments over racial integration and
    civil rights – but, in office, the Republicans aggressively
    favored the interests of the rich, cutting their taxes and
    slashing regulations even more than the Democrats.

    The Republicans paid lip service to the struggling blue-collar
    workers but control of GOP policies was left in the hands of
    corporations and their lobbyists.

    Though the election of Barack Obama, the first African-American
    president, raised hopes that the nation might finally bind its
    deep racial wounds, it turned out to have a nearly opposite
    effect. Tea Party Republicans rallied many white working-class
    Americans to resist Obama and the hip urban future that he
    represented. They found an unlikely champion in real-estate
    mogul and reality TV star Donald Trump, who sensed how to tap
    into their fears and anger with his demagogic appeals and false

    Meanwhile, the national Democrats were falling in love with data
    predicting that demographics would magically turn Republican red
    states blue. So the party blithely ignored the warning signs of
    a cataclysmic break with the Democrats’ old-time base.

    Despite all the data on opioid addiction and declining life
    expectancy among the white working class, Hillary Clinton was
    politically tone-deaf to the rumbles of discontent echoing
    across the Rust Belt. She assumed the traditionally Democratic
    white working-class precincts would stick with her and she tried
    to appeal to the “security moms” in typically Republican suburbs
    by touting her neoconservative foreign policy thinking. And she
    ran a relentlessly negative campaign against Trump while
    offering voters few positive reasons to vote for her.

    Ignoring Reality

    When her stunning loss became clear on Election Night – as the
    crude and unqualified Trump pocketed the electoral votes of
    Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin – the Democrats refused to
    recognize what the elections results were telling them, that
    they had lost touch with a still important voting bloc, working-
    class whites.

    Rather than face these facts, the national Democrats – led by
    President Obama and his intelligence chiefs – decided on a
    different approach, to seek to reverse the election by blaming
    the result on the Russians. Obama, his intelligence chiefs and a
    collaborative mainstream media insisted without presenting any
    real evidence that the Russians had hacked into Democratic
    emails and released them to the devastating advantage of Trump,
    as if the minor controversies from leaked emails of the
    Democratic National Committee and Clinton’s campaign chairman
    John Podesta explained Trump’s surprising victory.

    As part of this strategy, any Trump link to Russia – no matter
    how inconsequential, whether from his businesses or through his
    advisers – became the focus of Woodward-and-Bernstein/Watergate-
    style investigations. The obvious goal was to impeach Trump and
    ride the wave of Trump-hating enthusiasm to a Democratic
    political revival.

    In other words, there was no reason to look in the mirror and
    rethink how the Democratic Party might begin rebuilding its
    relationships with the white working-class, just hold hearings
    featuring Obama’s intelligence chieftains and leak damaging
    Russia-gate stuff to the media.

    But the result of this strategy has been to deepen the
    Democratic Party’s reliance on the elites, particularly the self-
    reverential mavens of the mainstream media and the denizens of
    the so-called “deep state.” From my conversations with Trump
    voters, they “get” what’s going on, how the powers-that-be are
    trying to negate the 63 million Americans who voted for Trump by
    reversing a presidential election carried out under the U.S.
    constitutional process.

    A Letter from ‘Deplorable’ Land

    Some Trump supporters are even making this point publicly.
    Earlier this month, a “proud deplorable” named Kenton Woodhead
    from Brunswick, Ohio, wrote to The New York Times informing the
    “newspaper of record” that he and other “deplorables” were onto
    the scheme.

    “I wanted to provide you with an unsophisticated synopsis of The
    New York Times and the media’s quest for the implosion of Donald
    Trump’s presidency from out here in the real world, in
    ‘deplorable’ country. … Every time you and your brethren at
    other news organizations dream up a new scheme to get Mr. Trump,
    we out here in deplorable land increase our support for him. …

    “Regardless of what you dream up every day, we refuse to be
    sucked into your narrative. And even more humorously, there
    isn’t anything you can do about it! And I love it that you are
    having the exact opposite effect on those of us you are trying
    to persuade to think otherwise.

    “I mean it is seriously an enjoyable part of my day knowing you
    are failing. And badly! I haven’t had this much fun watching the
    media stumble, bumble and fumble in years. I wonder what will
    happen on the day you wake up and realize how disconnected
    you’ve become.”

    So, despite Trump’s narcissism and incompetence – and despite
    how his policies will surely hurt many of his working-class
    supporters – the national Democrats are further driving a wedge
    between themselves and this crucial voting bloc. By whipping up
    a New Cold War with Russia and hurling McCarthistic slurs at
    people who won’t join in the Russia-bashing, the Democratic
    Party’s tactics also are alienating many peace voters who view
    both the Republicans and Democrats as warmongers of almost equal
    measures of guilt.

    While it’s certainly not my job to give advice to the Democrats
    – or any other political group – I can’t help but thinking that
    this Russia-gate “scandal” is not only lacking in logic and
    evidence, but it doesn’t even make any long-term political sense.

    https://consortiumnews.com/2017/06/21/russia-gate-flops-as- democrats-golden-ticket/


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    On Sat, 1 Jul 2017 14:04:48 +0200 (CEST), "Democrats Are The New
    Rectums" <enjoy.liberalism@cnn.com> wrote:

    Exclusive: The national Democrats saw Russia-gate and the drive
    to impeach President Trump as their golden ticket back to power,
    but so far the ticket seems to be made of fool’s gold, writes

    They drastically, DRASTICALLY, over-played their hand.
    The level of hype - and all-so-obvious goal - made it so
    even Joe Average could see what was going on ... and
    it wasn't a search for "truth".

    From all the noise you'd have thought Putin was gonna
    be sitting in the Big Chair in the OO ... but the sheer
    emptiness of such claims quickly became apparent.
    No collusion, ultra-scanty evidence of ANY serious
    Russian plots. Even Flynn isn't gonna get so much
    as a wrist-slapping .

    The hype and fakenews over this has ruined the Dems
    reputation even further (which nobody thought was even
    possible). America KNOWS it's a witch-hunt. Likely
    the snowflakes and their puppetmasters don't CARE,
    but they *know* anyway.

    And now they're making another huge error - refusing
    to turn over voter records to the FakeVote committee.
    Are they busy shredding ? "Fixing" ? Sure looks that
    way to everybody .......

    Hmm ... maybe Trump was right again, about winning
    the popular vote too :-)

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