• An intelligent Democrat knows their party founded the KKK.

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    The dumb ones, and ignorant negroes, don't.

    Nancy Pelosi knows. She knows NAMBLA too.

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    The original KKK was the only police department the hated southern
    Whites had after they lost the war. They executed murderers and other
    scum. It disbanded after normal law and order returned.

    William Simmons later started a new KKK. The murder of Mary Phagan
    by a Jew resulted in decent folk applying justice that never came from
    the Jew courts. America is ruled by the Jews, that is why it is always
    involved in the Middle East.

    Simmons started his organization to honor the original KKK. The main
    motivation was the movie "Birth of a Nation" which told the real story
    of the KKK instead of the liberal lies the Jewish controlled media
    always spouts. If you get the movie make sure it is uncut. Most copies
    of this movie have the good parts cut out.

    One of the men who joined Simmons on Stone Mountain in 1915 to give
    the Klan a rebirth was an elderly gentleman who had belonged to the
    first Klan in the 1860s.

    The problem is that we are ruled by Jews who control the media and
    hate the White race. Anyone who told any facts and truth about racial
    matters was ignored by the media. But if a group put on KKK sheets or
    wore swastikas the media couldn't ignore that. So around the 1960's
    people did just that. It was either do something outrageous or be
    completely unknown and nonexistent according to the Jewish controlled

    Everyone knows that if race-mixing continues then in the future there
    will only be brown people and the White race will be gone. People are
    very concerned about endangered species of animals. That is nothing
    compared to the tragedy of letting the White race disappear. Whites
    invented everything and civilized the world. White neighborhoods are
    gorgeous and the White race is very attractive.

    Today the Jews insist that White civilization has to mix with Africa
    and be destroyed, while at the same time they can have their country
    for Jews. The Jews who destroyed South Africa didn't have Blacks in
    their own synagogues either, but they demand race mixing for Whites.

    The KKK did a lot of good but they were more of a social group than a
    political party. The man who almost saved the earth from destruction
    was named Adolf Hitler. The National Socialists put everything right
    and ruled Germany for a decade. It took all the Jewish controlled
    countries combined to stop them. Communism was run by Jews and the
    National Socialists stood up and stopped these murderous scum. And
    Capitalism is rotten to the core also. Jews like Ayn Rand said
    selfishness and greed are good things. Today everything is wrong
    because the Jews are running the show. Adolf Hitler was the greatest
    man who ever lived. Heil Hitler.

    www.tomatobubble.com www.ihr.org http://nationalvanguard.org


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