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    "Raven and the First Men

    Haida carver Bill Reid's world-binding carving Raven and
    the First Men (where men includes women) is located in the
    UBC Museum of Anthropology just a few hundred metres west
    of the top of my thorn climb, and a little hillock behind
    it was one of my power spots to relax (as well as Nitobe
    Garden and the First Nations Longhouse big rock).

    The Museum contains spiritual artifacts from all over the
    world. People from all over the world visit it, including
    during Expo86 and global leader summits (Bill Clinton and
    Boris Yeltsin met next door in I think 1995; the media
    crowd took over the grad student centre across the street
    that I was a regular and sound tech at, plus they had a
    sniper on the roof. They were going to meet in the Museum
    but Mr. Yeltsin declined due to the spiritual artifacts,
    but they did visit the Museum.)

    Now I'm not saying it has magical bonding power, just
    bonds of commonality and love and peace. The carving is
    of Raven atop a giant clamshell from which humans are
    straining to emerge. This for me symbolizes strongly
    the pre-new-moon mystic stories that I have been
    recounting, which I believe to be common to many global
    spiritual paths. It also symbolizes our global common
    goal to produce a heaven/garden on earth."

    Some new comments:

    However I now also relate the sculpture to my current attempt
    to instigate sudden magickal evolution of humans (and
    also cetaceans and nonhumansimians) globally, beginning
    just after the current dark moon (raven associated by
    me at least) and continuing through waxing crescent
    (the clamshell?) and beyond. In the past I said there
    would be evolution of humans globally into 55 equal
    species, but I don't know yet if that (the 55) will
    be true this time. But the emergence of at least
    several species (including transformation of adults
    and much healing, including a COVID-19 cure/immunity)
    would be equivalent to the humans emerging from the
    clamshell in the sculpture.

    So is there any story of Odin's missing (or closed) eye,
    which, along with his raven association, I think symbolizes
    new (dark) moon, opening (waxing moon)? I guess I
    will have to look at verses in the Havamal other than
    the ones I quote in http://www.nfld.com/~dalton/asatru.html
    though I guess verse 141 does mention waxing, but not
    of the moon.

    Though perhaps I should look at other translations
    of verse 141, and in the original language it might
    have wordplay/multiple meanings including waxing
    of the moon?

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