• Prosperous Cuban Entrepreneur Arrested

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    Prosperous Cuban Entrepreneur Arrested / Juan Juan Almeida

    Juan Juan Almeida, 16 June 2017 — Alejandro Marcel Mendivil, successful entrepreneur, owner of El Litoral, a restaurant located at Malecon #161, between L & K, and the restaurant Lungo Mare, located in 1ra Esquina C,
    in the Vedado district, was arrested in Havana on June 8.

    The reasons are not clear. Some claim that Marcel Mendivil is accused of
    money laundering and ties to drug trafficking; and others claim that if
    you are “noticed” in Cuba, it has a price.

    “Alejandro is a young man hungry for challenges and pleasure. He has
    money, social recognition, he helps all his neighbors, has ties to
    diplomats as important as the ones in the American Embassy. He also has dealings with high ranking Cuban military and maintains very important
    access to the government elite. His ambitions go beyond those of common entrepreneurs, and to that add that the fact that he has charisma. Isn’t
    that a lethal combination? Alejandro is no drug trafficker or money
    launderer; he only tested power and ended up making it angry,” says one
    of the neighbors of his restaurant El Litoral, a retiree from the
    Ministry of the Interior.

    “It was early in the morning, says an employee, the sea was flat as a
    plate when the operative began. Not even the Interior Ministry (MININT),
    nor the state officials gave any explanations in order to close the
    restaurant. They (the police) only told the employees that were present
    that we had to leave the place and look for another job in another
    restaurant because this closure was going to last. We were closed once,
    when an issue with the alcohol, but Alejandro solved it”.

    “They got in and identified themselves as members of the State
    Security’s Technical Department of Investigations (DTI). They checked
    the accounting, the kitchen, lifted some tiles from the floor and they
    even took nails from the walls. An official with a mustache, who
    wouldn’t stop talking with someone on his BLU cellphone, was saying that
    they would find evidence to justify the charge of drug trafficking.”

    “That looked like a theater, but with misleading script. It was not the
    DTI. In fact, Alejandro was not jailed at 100 and Aldabo, but rather
    held incommunicado in Villa Marista (a State Security prison). The whole
    thing was a State Security operation to put a stop Alejandro, who was
    earning money working and was becoming an attractive figure; in a
    country such as this one, where leaders, all of them, are very weak.”

    The incident is timely to a discussion held during the extraordinary
    session of the National Assembly of People’s Power, which took place
    last May 30, where the Cuban vice-president Marino Murillo asserted that
    the new model of the socialist island “will not allow the concentration
    of property or wealth even when we are promoting the existence of the
    private sector.”

    According to sources consulted in the Prosecutor General of the Republic
    of Cuba, there are plans for measures similar to those taken against
    Marcel Mendivil for these wealthy and influential owners of a paladar
    (private restaurant) located in Apartment 1, Malecon 157, between K&L,
    Vedado. And also against another one in Egido 504 Alton, between Montes
    & Dragones, Old Havana, in addition to two in Camaguey that were not identified.

    Translated by: LYD

    Source: Prosperous Cuban Entrepreneur Arrested / Juan Juan Almeida – Translating Cuba - http://translatingcuba.com/prosperous-cuban-entrepreneur-arrested-juan-juan-almeida/

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