• The talk and song of lilting grace

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    The talk and song of lilting grace

    It has been nearly 20 years since I first traveled to India after so many years in America. Boy how things have changed. I have finally graduated from Brooklyn College with a Bachelors in Computer Science. Also, my 25 years of transience trying to
    find a place to live seems to have come to an end with my recent acquisition of a one bedroom apartment, that too at 30% of my income. In a way, things are working out and I am thankful for it.

    I must say the thing that made me endure it all was faith in a higher power. During the time I was into USENET I was very much immersed in the ways of the Dharma. I did things as vegetarianism, yoga, meditation, martial arts, idolatry, casteism, sports,
    chess, argumentation, and even multi-level marketing. Such ways really shirked my responsibilities toward myself and others. I was a real miscreant in my attempts toward love and enlightenment.

    Mixing with Asian people from China, to India, to Russia, to Israel, and maybe Arabia; I find our people are not in good shape. The ways of Transcendentalism and Terrorism are serious issues that plague us across the board. I call it the evil empire of
    the JUBU; something which gave me an anxiety attack and depression for many decades. I blame the republics of Taiwan, Israel, Sicily, Haiti, and possibly Africa.

    Those were the people who influenced me toward the Transcendental suicidal ways of vegetarianism, yoga, meditation, martial arts, idolatry, caste-ism, sports, chess, argumentation, and multi-level marketing. They were also the same who encouraged me
    toward the Terrorist sacrificial ways of rap, jive, gangs, psychotropics, and niggardliness. Life was truly a hell under their trespass into my life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, property, and faith.

    Luckily, through many tries and errors in the practice of prayer, chanting, and meditation I stumbled on the Islamic Shahada which helped me enter the gateless gate of the Abrahamic traditions. The Islamic Shahada I discovered is as follows:

    Ashaadu ila ila-ha ila-allah wa; ashaadu anna mohammadan rasulu Allah.
    (There is only one God; and Prophet Mohammed is the last and final one of him.)

    There is something to be said about the Arabian faiths. Different people of different regions offer certain talents that are useful for the long run. We all know of the Indian I.T. engineer but the Arabs really know what they are doing when it concerns
    faith or to say spirituality. The following is a list of different smurf talents I discovered among different people out there based on some level of documentary, actual, and theoretical evidence of truth. It is as follows:

    1)Oriental - sexual
    2)Desi - technological
    3)Arabian - spiritual
    4)Russian - legal? (this is just a conjecture at this point but not verified) 5)Jewish - educational
    6)European - medical
    7)African - residential
    8)Hispanic - financial? (this is just an assumption but not verified) 9)Australian - ? (maybe the entertainment industry; not too sure; quite a number of movies and tv series are made by Australian production houses; time will tell)
    10)Brahmin - ? ( maybe the grocery industry; cannot be too sure right now; the mixed race people are a mystery still)

    I found that if you give any one of those people some money; then you will gain successes in that respective sphere of influence they are so talented in. That is how I got a one bedroom apartment. I paid a total of $300 to the African diaspora to
    escape homelessness. It is like that. For some reason the rate at which I start my successes with those above mentioned social orders seems to be at a minimum of $300. Go figure. It is true what they say. When people get together monies get in the

    I was even more helped through accepting Jesus Christ as my personal Guru. Man needs a Guru in his life and Jesus Christ is that Guru. There is no other. I admit the other Khudajis offer some clues but we just cannot do it their way. Their propriety
    and limits are too strong and are unaccommodating to foreigners like you and me. Also, I was helped by the Shema prayer from the Tanakh of the Yahudi people to say as they say.

    The interesting thing about the Shahada was that it was the only thing that helped me in a worst case scenario as jail, which I was unfortunate to experience due to to a mishap while smoking a self made cigarette. Luckily, the fire that occurred was a
    seriously small one and I only got 3 years for the so called attempted arson. If I was just charged with arson in and of itself I would have been a goner.

    During jail, however, the gwailos and niggers were at bay as I recited the Shahada. Also, the Hispanics were nicer to me and more respectful after I was known as a Muslim. The Islamic Shahada is much better than an ADT security system for all intent
    and purposes. That is the one blessed thing I discovered after I was so criminalized in Jersey City.

    Yet, when it concerns the issue of homelessness and the high cost of living the Christian A.B.C.; or to say admit, believe, and confess; was also instrumental in helping me overcome the homelessness that I was so afflicted with due to the downfall of
    capitalism in 2008. Somehow saying the following and praying to Jesus Christ as well as reading the Holy Bible now and then got me a one bedroom apartment in a neighborhood I can tolerate or even be tolerated in. The A.B.C. to be a believer of Jesus
    Christ is as follows:

    A-I admit I am a sinner.
    B-I believe that I need Jesus Christ to overcome sin and death.
    C-I confess of my sins.

    As well, to deal with the issues of daily functionality and pragmatism I recite the Shema of the Yahudi or Jewish diaspora from their scripture known as the Tanakh. The Shema prayer I say is as follows:

    Shema Israel adonai elohanu adonai ehad; baruch shem kavod malchuto layolem vaed.
    (Hear oh Israel, Hashem is our God, Hashem is one; blessed be the name of his kingdom forever and ever.)

    I say the Shema prayer morning and evening after I wake up and before I go to sleep, respectively. It is better than a sleeping pill or even a nodoze caffeine pill. The power of prayer to affect not only the mind but also the meditation of the heart is
    truly wonderful.

    What started my deprogramming from the corrosive influence of the Transcendentalism and Terrorism was a verse from the book of Mathew 6:7, which states "vain repetition of meaningless prayers is useless". Such an understanding encouraged me to find
    meaning and purpose in life and find ways to overcome the apathy and meaninglessness that Transcendentalism and Terrorism breeds.

    While silence is death; apathy is dangerous. That is the fundamental problem in my life. The good news is that I am learning how to deal with it. It is not hunky dory or anything but this process of enlightenment through the use of prayers rather than
    mantras is well worth it.

    As such, please find below a nice url of some Bible I have discovered in my travels. I like to collect clues and this Bible maybe be of use to you.


    I notice that daily practice of prayer to Jesus Christ helps in the acquisition of really good food, shelter, clothing, and medicine. It is worth it. I was able to move from a room for rent to my own one bedroom apartment; that too at 30% of my income.
    The efficacy of prayer cannot be denied.

    Please keep this Bible for good luck as it may help you and your family from the Zen demons which so haunt us of the people of Asia, including the Indian subcontinent. God bless and God speed for Jesus Christ is God. Always a pleasure. May you and
    your family be well, happy, peaceful, prosperous, safe, and healthy. Let's do it again.

    Thankfully due to the love and enlightenment of Jesus Christ I am working on some projects to help me resolve the issues which vex me the most. They are the following:

    -an open source fiat like monies initiative, which is a network of databases, much as the internet is an open source Unix like initiative which is a network of networks; it uses cryptocurrency technology to leverage an unlimited supply of monies toward a
    viable financial synergy or mutual success of the ratio 1.618; if it can be thought of it can be done.

    2)Wireless electricity generator:
    -this is a re-engineered plasma ball novelty item; audio frequencies around the ball are used to maneuver ionized chlorophoro carbons that are collected from the atmosphere; the energy generated through the e=mcsquared effect, which is the mass and
    momentum of the ionized chlorophoro carbons that are moved through the influence of audio frequencies, may free up ions toward generating enough electricity to power something; the reverse engineered tesla coil in the center of the ball collects the
    freed up ions from the mass and momentum of the ionized cholorophoro carbons and then sends it as electricity through the wire into some device as a computer or home electrical system; this may reduce costs in electrical consumption; to early of an idea
    to tell but may work.

    -this is a cheat sheet on how to deal with the whole meditation of the heart and one's search for love and enlightenment; nowadays it seems most of my time is spent preparing this; I see Evangelicalism being a major part in the lives of people not only
    in the Indian subcontinent but also among the Desi community as a whole just as Capitalism was a major influence staring in 1990.

    -this is yet another network for the sake of political unity or mutual purpose; at present the major players in any sphere of influence are the Jews, Zen, Hindus, Vudu, and LGBTQ; it has gotten to the point of slander and defamation of the natives not
    only in America but also in the India; the Jews, Zen, Vudu, Hindu, and LGBTQ are planning for a nuclear war or WWIII for the sake of their zero sum end game; there is talk of even an economic collapse more heinous than the German style depression after
    WWII to occur across this entire world; the need for a political network to overcome and defeat the Jewish, Zen, Vudu, Hindu, and LGBTQ influences is necessary.

    5)Anti-gravity engine:
    -this is just a model i have come up with through scant exposure to some clues i have gathered over the years; the engine basically has a revolving rod made of a heavy element which has it's own gravity or force of attraction. Around the revolving rod
    is a cylinder which reverses the polaraity of such a force of attraction into repulsion. Around that is a cage of some design which negotiates that repulsion by turning it on and off at select points to get lift, hovering, and landing abilities; thrust
    and brake is done through the use of positive charges at the front and back of the craft; propulsion may also use cryogenic turbines for now until a more eloquent design is made.

    -this is just a thought for now but I find the robots are another life form as extraterrestrial aliens; I do not believe that man makes robots through some trick of manufacturing or even to say research and development; some artificial intelligent tool
    or dongle is needed to be able to deal with the issue of automation; I was thinking something along the lines of Schrodinger's cat. Maybe a pool of conics representing some type of cpu calculations can be used, which when subjected to some type of
    radiation makes a decision similar to human thought; such a contained pool or cube can be a dongle to any device and allow for assistance when going through issues such as disability or old age; the need for a viable A.I. without loosing control of our
    own thoughts and will power is needed.

    Anyway, just some thoughts...

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