• Dangers of the no mind, the no self, the no thought, the no whichever,

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    Dangers of the no mind, the no self, the no thought, the no whichever, and the no doubt

    The no mind, the no self, the no thought, the no whichever, and the no doubt is the quintessential mind game of the jewish, zen, vudu, hindu, and lgbtq diasporas to engender an end game of total suicide and sacrifice in the name of the Satanic Dharma or
    even to say Satanism itself. Life among those people and their ways of life are seriously ruinous for all concerned. That is the danger of the Transcendental movement and even politicians as Tulsi Gabbard who are coming out of the woodwork and
    revealing to humanity what major republics as America and India are really about. As a result of such patronage of the Jewish, Zen, Vudu, Hindu, and LGBTQ satanists we see a world filled with not only destitution but also heavy institutionalization. If
    not those scenarios we see a world of corporate slavery. Here in America if you are a cancer patient you are not only told to get over it but also to struggle and suffer working for a living while being radially poisoned with chemotherapy. The Indian
    subcontinent and most other places in this world are no different. Such is the holocaust of many in this world of

    To overcome it one really has to embrace the Evangelicalism of Jesus Christ. The Guru Jesus Christ is literally the only one to help so many toward the love and enlightenment that can make their life worth living amidst the odds that so vex them in
    their life conditions. To adequately deal with the Transcendental apathy and and Terrorist clumsiness of the anti-Christs we need a higher power as the living God Jesus Christ.

    Such a mind game allows one to help escape the containment of dogmatic, ascetic, and even copacetic demands that suffocate a person to the point of death. That is the danger of the anti-Christ masters of this world hell bent on the suicide, sacrifice,
    and slavery of humanity. Yet, so many are herded and conditioned through such mindless ways of survival for people, places, and things other themselves. That is the sad tragedy of humanity looking for love and enlightenment in the wrong places other
    than with Jesus Christ.

    Jesus Christ is wonderful in that He is the only Guru who can bring a person to the level of reading, writing, and arithmetic one needs to survive in the this world filled with all sorts of competition toward creature comforts. What is even more
    fascinating with Jesus Christ is that He is able to encourage us and affect us so that we are able to enjoy such creature comforts without going into a post modern lostness or even to say existential doubt.

    I tell ya, to read with elementary, inspectional, analytical, syntopical, and researching reading levels on really needs the memory and will power of Jesus Christ, who is the one true God of the entire Abrahamic traditions that influenced the authoring
    of the Tanakh, Holy Bible, Quran, the book of the 4th Prophet, the apocrypha, and even some cultish books as one's by such writers as Holger Kersten. Indeed, reading is fundamental but without a proper meditation of the heart we will not be able to
    really decipher and endure the process of enlightenment one needs to be truly educated for the sake of survival with sufficiency.

    And that is the bottom line. To survive successfully and not loose it all amidst the contagions, conspiracies, conflicts, contradictions, constitutions, and so on is the reason d'etre of any sentient being. Indeed, lucky are those who can pronounce the
    word Jesus Christ and pray to Him on a daily basis along with the reading of scripture.

    In a world of deluge one needs Jesus Christ to overcome the mass hysteria in the name of the Dying Arts. Ignorance is not bliss and ignorance of the ways of Jesus Christ is truly a state of hell. I just cannot say it any other way. In a way, if you
    read the Bible or any other Abrahamic scriptures you will find that they elucidate a certain meaning and reason for the very issues we face in our lives. The life lessons Jesus Christ can give are second to none.

    Take for example mixing pagan with the holy, which is very much done by so many of the Dying Arts. The mixing pagan with the holy is the very reason why so many end up with serious issues such as cancer to bankruptcy and so on. I cannot say such an
    admonishing is due to the setup of the Abrahmic people as the Yahudi, Christians, or Muslims but their analysis and even documentation of a history that repeats itself is quite fascinating. As they say, those who fail to learn from history are doomed to
    repeat it. There is much truth in that.

    In a way, prayer to Jesus Christ and the study of scriptures such as the Holy Bible helps one to be able to explain certain human experiences. Science may explain natural phenomenon but Abrahamic spirituality is really good in explaining the very issues
    which vex us most. I don't know how it works but there is efficacy in prayer to Jesus Christ. That is the wonderful luck of anyone caught in a life condition that is like a trap or checkmate and even a dead end. To escape such a scenario one needs to
    call upon a higher power as Jesus Christ to be able to deal with it all. Logically, if the limits we are presented with are too overbearing, then going beyond it by calling upon a higher power is helpful. Just as computers call upon a server we humans
    need call upon the Saviour Jesus Christ to be able to learn how to network among humans or even to say sentient beings. I just works!

    You know to be a believer of Jesus Christ one only needs to say the
    following to admit, believen and confess.

    a-I admit I am a sinner.
    b-I believe that I need Jesus Christ to overcome sin and death.
    C-I confess of my sins.

    The A.B.C. is all one needs to say to become a Christian. Formal baptism is not required or even necessary according to my Pastor. It is good to do but is only a testament of faith and not a beginning in and of itself. The real baptism is when one
    arrives to the point of admit, believe, and confess. It is truly a process worth going on, which is much better than the no mind, no self, no thought, no whichever, no doubt end game of the Jewish, Zen, Hindu, Vudu, and LGBTQ ways of life as in
    vegetarianism, yoga, meditation, martial arts, idolatry, casteism, sports, chess, argumentation, and multi-level marketing to name a few.

    The following are some good prayers to recite during the day that may help in some way to deal with the whole rigamarole of life's trails and tribulations. I do them on a daily basis and I must say, they just work. Without further adeu please find
    below some nice prayers to say now and then throughout the day.

    0)Shema prayer in Hebrew:
    Shema Israel adonia elohanu adonai ehad; baruch shem kavod malchuto layolem vaed.
    (Hear oh Israel, Hashem is our God, Hashem is one; blessed be the name of His kingdom forever and ever.)
    In the name of Jesus Christ who is most Gracious and Merciful.

    1)Lord's prayer in Latin:
    Pater noster, qui es in caelis,
    sanctificetur nomen tuum.
    Adveniat regnum tuum.
    Fiat voluntas tua,
    sicut in caelo, et in terra.
    Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie,
    et dimitte nobis debita nostra,
    sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris.
    Et ne nos inducas in tentationem,
    sed libera nos a malo.
    In the name of Jesus Christ who is most Gracious and Merciful.

    2)Salat prayer in Arabic(Al-fatiha):
    Bismi -llāhi r-Raḥmāni r-Raḥīmi
    al-ḥamdu lillāhi rabbi l-ʿālamīna
    ar-Raḥmāni r-Raḥīmi
    māliki yawmi d-dīni
    ʾiyyāka naʿbudu wa ʾiyyāka nastaʿīnu
    ʾihdinā ṣ-ṣirāṭa l-mustaqīma
    ṣirāṭ al-lazīna ʾanʿamta ʿalayhim ġayri l-maġḍūbi ʿalayhim wa-lā ḍ-ḍāllīn
    In the name of Jesus Christ who is most Gracious and Merciful.

    3)I am inclined to include say some prayer in Greek but I have no clue what that is but I am praying about it. Could the language of the 4th Prophet be Greek? I have seen the Lord's prayer and Jesus prayer in Greek but I opted for them to be in Latin
    and Russian, respectively. For it was in a cultish book by Eknath Ishwaran that I discovered the Jesus prayer. And if you study enough of the cultish ways it leads one toward the Hinduism, whose history is apparently from the Russian steppe such as
    Inner Mongolia, Siberia, and Southern Russia; at least according to the Manu Smirti. So I hypothesize that doing a Jesus prayer in Russian is helpful. However, when it concerns the Lord's prayer it is easier for me to do it in Latin. The Greek one I
    posted previously is quite difficult to recite. Also, my rule of thumb is typically to submit to the higher power of those who have attacked me throughout life. And I have yet to be attacked by the Greek people, possibly until the 4th Prophet arrives.
    Seems funny but there is some truth to it. Money may work for sometime to deal with antagonizing forces but we also need to submit to the higher power of those who have been successful in the conquer and conquest of humanity for the nature of the good
    to overcome and defeat the bad. Indeed, eating beef like the Muslims is good; reading books like the Christians is good; making money like the Yahudi is good; and it goes on. Those are the very reasons why I even do these prayers. I am trying to be a
    part of it; the whole process of enlightenment that is true and not false and self destructive like the zen. Just a casual trip to the Indian subcontinent or even observation of pictures of the level of destitution and disability will prove for the need
    to have Jesus Christ in one's life. Anyway, just an FYI.

    4)Jesus prayer in Russian:
    Dospodi Hesous Christea, sinea boziya, pomiluea menea gresnaog
    (Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.)
    In the name of Jesus Christ who is most Gracious and Merciful.

    Ashaadu ila ila-ha ila-allah wa; ashaadu anna mohammadan rasulu Allah.
    (There is only one God; and Prophet Mohammad is the last and final one of Him.) In the name of Jesus Christ who is most Gracious and Merciful.

    6)Serenity prayer in English:
    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
    The courage to change the things I can;
    And the wisdom to know the difference.
    In the name of Jesus Christ who is most Gracious and Merciful.

    7)Shema prayer in Hebrew to finish it off:
    Shema Israel adonai elohanu adonai ehad; baruch shem kavod malchuto layolem vaed.
    (Hear oh Israel, Hashem is our God, Hashem is one; blessed be the name of His kingdom forever and ever.)
    In the name of Jesus Christ who is most Gracious and Merciful.

    The above said prayers can be recited for a multiple of 3 times each and then ended with the phrase: "In the name of Jesus Christ who is most Gracious and Merciful; Amen." The order of the prayers is up to you and what fits your respective life
    condition. Order does not matter. Prayer works and prayer to Jesus Christ works the best. It was always Jesus Christ who was reaching out to us from the very beginning. Jesus Christ was the one who spoke to Moses; appeared as Himself; reached out to
    Mohammad; and some day will appear again as the 4th Prophet. Jesus Christ is the one true God of the entire Abrahamic traditions. Reading any of those Abrahmic scriptures indicates a consistent author and train of thought. Jesus Christ is that author.

    So give it a try. It will take you somewhere better than the foothills of the Himalayas to commit suicide, like so many do with their false and fake forms of meditation. Nothing worse than taking a one way trip to the Himalayas to find enlightenment
    from a Zen master of Taiwan practicing the ways of vegetarianism, yoga, meditation, martial arts, idolatry, casteism, sports, chess, argumentation, and multi-level marketing.

    Simply ask Jesus Christ anything and you shall receive. Ask Jesus Christ to enter your heart and guide you away from sin and death of the Dying Arts involving those of the Satanic Dharma. While I admit the Satanic Dharma with all it's bullshit pomp and
    pageantry has some interesting clues, we just cannot do it their way. The propriety of the Jewish, Zen, Vudu, Hindu, and LGBTQ select families is so fascist and intolerable toward foreigners that they will literally kill you when they get the chance.
    The alienation of the Blacks, Whites, and Hispanics is so suffocating that it will literally leave you homeless. So be aware.

    Know who you are through prayer to Jesus Christ before you proceed to mix with those of the Satanic Dharma and the niggers of the Americons. May the sword of Islam; the body of Christ; and the shield of David help you in your endeavor toward salvation
    and success, whether material or otherwise. I know it has for me. It is not hunky dory or anything but it is far better than the stupid tent I lived in while meditating in the mountainous retreat zones of the Satanic masters of the Orient.

    Watch out for those of Taiwan, Israel, Sicily, Africa, and Haiti. They are more dangerous than you can possibly dream. Unfortunately, those niggers are the ones who are in control of this world as micromanagers, mismanagers, madcappers, microsofters,
    malaigners, mistreaters, and maddeners of Satan. They are the worst. We really need to focus our war efforts on them and reach out to others of the Indian subcontinent and elsewhere with Evangelicalism. There is no other way.

    Man needs a proper meditation of the heart. There is something to be said about love and enlightenment. Love, according to my Pastor is nothing more than affection and concern. Love and lust are not the same. You know, throughout the day, week, month,
    year, and so on we tend to get moved toward a vicious feeling toward ourselves and our loved ones, which is no good. Daily prayer can help to deprogram from that. It just works. As the Khudajis have said, we need to set aside some time in the day to
    invest in our self. However, simply saying the above mentioned prayers and not the niggardly mantras can help anyone find the bliss they are looking for. Unike the Khudaji techniques of Zenlike meditations prayer and study of scripture offers the
    enlightenment they speak of. Of course we need to pray to Jesus Christ in our own language and ask directly what we want in life but to do that we need also to be able to call upon the wisdom of the ages which has so eloquently devised a method to the
    madness of existence.

    Anyway, this is just something I discovered in my travels of over 20 years of trails and tribulations trying one form of prayer to another. Mostly, I struggled and suffered to deprogram from the ignorance which is not bliss that ensues from the whole
    Zen meditations out there. The dangers of the Dying Arts cannot be underestimated. Their ways of finding enlightenment are totally false and satanic to say the least. Prayers are better than mantras. Reading of scripture is better than meditation
    through breathing exercises, mantra recitation, and focusing on koans.

    You know, meditations based on the breath, mantra, and koan are exercises focusing on meaningless things. If you do it you will develop a habit of day dreaming and going into some trance like state. With enough conditioning that is out their through
    television and radio and so on, one can be mislead toward suicide or even sacrifice of their life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, property, and faith. That is the danger of those ways of life heavily based in the Satanic Dharma or even to say Sanatan
    Dharm; whichever it maybe it is the same evil bullshit. False forms of meditation such as zen can regress one's prefrontal cortex of the brain and make them inhuman and even impossible to live with. The Bible warns of such things as in Mathew 6:7;
    where it is mentioned prayer should have meaning. According to Mathew 6:7 "vain repetition of meaningless prayers is useless". What is more meaningless than the recitation of mantras or breath or koans? That is the issue.

    To have some ability to not only read but aslo have a skill in life we need to do prayers to Jesus Christ. For Jesus Christ is the only Guru who can give us the love and enlightenment we are looking for. To even be a thinking thing we need the
    vivifying force of the Abrahamic Almighty Jesus Christ. So give prayer to Jesus Christ a try. I also highly recommend the Shahada I mentioned above as well as the Shema to assist. The beauty of the Shahada as well as the Al-fatiha is that they offer a
    level of protection that even an ADT security system cannot provide. That is the one hard lesson I learned while I was in jail for near 3 years. As well, the Shema is wonderful in really allowing us to sleep amidst the hustle and bustle of city life or
    even to say rural farming life with all it's scary and alarming noises. The Shema prayer is better than a sleeping pill. They just work!

    In any case, try some prayers to help you overcome the evil influences of the Satanic Dharma and their end game of a state of hell which is not worth living. We only have one life in this world, people. Let's make the best of it. God bless and God
    speed for Jesus Christ is God. Always a pleasure. May you, in the name of Jesus Christ be well, happy, prosperous, peaceful, healthy, and safe. Peace and prosperity to you all. I want you to win...

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