• Candy Assed Canadian John Kinal Still Spamming US Politics Over Canadia

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    On Sat, 03 Sep 2016 16:39:50 -0500, of being fair as we free of their
    ungodly tyranny. <hfhfghfg@mail.ru> AKA John Kinal AKA
    KingJohnny AKA sociopathic left wing lunatic liberal basket case,
    Internet forger and fanatical spammer changed nyms again and used his
    suck ass bot program to try to stay out of the killfiles and babbled
    endlessly about his dead incestuous whore of a mother as if anyone
    else in the world gives a flying shit:

    The stupid assed mentally deranged son of a bitch continues to write
    subject lines about American politics and then proceeds to copy and
    paste the same tired ass rant about his dead decaying incestuous
    mother. The lunatic definitely belongs in a straight jacket at least.
    6 feet in the ground at best. They should have given his tone deaf
    ass the fentanyl.
    The stupid son of a bitch should be locked up for life for calling the
    garbage he plays "music".

    Over 1500 lines of insane babbling by the pussy toting no talent
    wannabe musician bitch boy deleted.

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