• Newsflash: ELECTION WAS RIGGED - Bernie had ten times the support of Hi

    From the truth wins..@21:1/5 to Loan Back Maybe Later Scam" on Sun Nov 27 12:53:24 2016
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    ELECTION WAS RIGGED - Bernie had ten times the support of Hitlery, the war crime witch of Satan.. They war for ISIS, knowing Obama and Co. are warring Democracies for Saudi Arabia, and the Rightards do nothing but advance attacks against innocent blacks,
    innocent women, all minorities.. and the poor most especially..and so too.. Refusing to demand Justice as the return of America's stolen trillions, or for 9/11, Sandy Hook, or the Boston bombings.. Torture warrants death. Vote John Kinal for President by
    paper ballot.

    Alex Jones is here to kill you American loser


    THOUGHTS ON TESLA.. https://plus.google.com/110434485971764390518/posts/Utiwr6X2KMD
    One of the most hated Americans of corporate American history, but beloved of those that love life, and being free. I have free energy to give everyone also, very easily, safe, pollution free.. and look everybody of creation.. the blind evil hatred that
    they have for me, begging to be heard for all these years. Americans despise the wise as fair of measure being just. Fuck them too.. Who's with you being naturally human? I am.

    +Rhonda "How ironic is that! I won't miss the bastard ..."
    Why a bastard? We're waiting.. Don't take your time.

    He was something of a bastard, for not asking Americans to gun down everyone who supports torture.. as is the standing LAW of America.. to see RIGHTLY.. every enemy of God in Congress and the Presidency, the Satanic whores to Satan, put rightly in their
    grave Just think: these Trump whores having a rightful bullet to the head, for thinking this concern is not their own directly.. Do right.. vote John Kinal for President.. The election was rigged..

    Bernie had ten times the support of Hitlery, the war crime witch of Satan..

    The Nevada video is all anyone needs.

    The TREASONOUS Alex Jones network, as enemies to forsaken American GIs, reported today through Watson, that the "mastermind" of 9/11 is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. But how did he set explosives into building 7? no one will ever be allowed to ask. Trump
    stated for every law passed, two must be eliminated "so important". Problem: are you saying laws currently in operation are unjust? If so, why would one blind as evil sell, the laws can not be changed in any other way? TPP Trump is "re-balancing", a
    document no one of the public is allowed to read, or of treasonous Congress, with big thumbs up Mexico is not going to pay the tens of billions of dollars to build the wall to keep out the poor and
    desperate.. Obamacare: they are not going to stop, guaranteeing access to those who have preexisting conditions [HOLY FUCK] and the elections were clearly rigged..but no one will allow Johnny to be recognized for three short minutes to explain.. Fuck
    you for your self contempt. Fuck you for not supporting wise men and women speaking, demanding justice for this day. Trillions have been stolen. . Fuck you for refusing to fight for the innocent poor, being massacred in Canadian and American hospitals
    under the war crime title of, "Comfort Care". Fuck you for remaining silent, while ALEX JONES wars Democracies WITH LIES as Satanic for Saudi Arabia.. What about the Boston bombings? don't care
    for Americans whatsoever here as six and seven year olds at Sandy Hook either? How about ALL vaccines containing horrific neural toxins to cause massive brain damage? No? fuck you fuck you fuck you. Why do "Americans" refuse to forward a call for Justice?

    Alex Jones is here to kill you American loser


    " "Any time I see a whiny lib post I just slap this up....not even worth trying to reason with them"
    Satanic. The false accusing bigot Rightard Trump whores, are advancing no care that Trump lied about repealing Obamacare and the TPP.. All they will now, is to destroy American freedom for Satan, with their al-qeada ISIS terrorists. Knowing too, Hitlery.
    . echem.. 'Hillary' is now a good woman for Warring Democracies with Saudi Arabia.. They only will to be fucked up their sissy pussy asses as whores for Trump..willing to do nothing about Trump's advances to have FIRST DEGREE MURDERED anti-crime Snowden.
    Torture warrants meditate death to any and all ENEMY Rightards who support torture. That's just the standing law of AMERICA. Ushered in by President Ronald Reagan."

    President Trump Must Be Made Aware: Trillions Have Been Embezzled http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x52hmse

    (The Truth stands despite whatever the liars sell) https://plus.google.com/u/0/110434485971764390518/posts

    Who wills to torture INNOCENT Americans to death for pleading as the godly, they believe in Jesus and Justice as fair play here, where everything is measured square. As too, offering the will to first degree murder the newborns, and anyone else that
    lives in a city containing a false maligned [UNCONSTITUTIONALLY] Muslim. Then steal everything they can, by Magic TV selling, we owe it to TRUMP as war crime victims. As he claims of the surviving Iraqi people, he with "Mad Dog" infant killer Mattis,
    wills to rob further from no doubt. Trump's new cabinet of WAR CRIME mobsters, have spoken freely about willing steal our homes throughout the middle-east..claiming to do so, will not be an
    obstacle to peace. Like first degree murdering the friend to America ANTI-CRIME Snowden.

    These whores of Satan, war America with their RIGGED ELECTION, for the final escape of those who stole trillions.. pulled off 9/11, Sandy Hook, and the Boston Bombings. Individuals who have no problem laying the boots to innocent black men, Muslims, and
    the honorable who protest against their ungodly evil bigotry. "Get them out of here". American Patriot Warriors for the cause of Liberty, as Justice for all state " When you see the enemy, you kill it." Trump whores now know that Trump LIED to them, as
    is not going to build the wall, and is not going to repeal Obamacare..nor have arrested for high treason, Hitlery, for financing al-Qeada and ISIS to war Democracies.. They don't care. Why?
    They can't compete freely, they have to cheat as NOW committed Satanic false accusers. SEE? They enjoy getting fucked up their pussy asses by Trump.. anything, to disallow Justice as freedom for everyone. Trillions have been stolen through extortion and
    embezzlement from America. Do they TRULY care? Of course not. They only will to hate blindly, WE THE PEOPLE as the innocent they forsake.. Apposing God, apposing Christ.?

    Who is it that remains silent, while Obama and Hitlery war Democracies for Saudi Arabia? ..or bomb the Reichstag to blindly blame the innocent for? How about the 9/11 perpetrators still escaping as not Muslims in any way?, or the grunts of sandy hook,?
    or the Boston Bombings 1.6 gallon pressure cookers, in black bags? No care? Figures.. We the People seek fair redress for our grievances stolen unfair by bigot false accusers, who refuse to have US recognized fairly as the honorable being true. No one
    wants to be cheated a fair say. Justice is freedom.

    Alex Jones is here to kill you American loser http://webshare.cz/file/3jR6ea5as4/
    https://www.europeup.com/vz0hdrtg074w.html http://www.filefactory.com/file/3wn70ydib3bl
    http://www.anafile.com/krdstnoswr9a.html http://www.file-upload.com/9qgc8kud2fc5

    Next time Alex Jones broadcasts his hatred for
    innocent Muslims who love God and Justice, while
    advancing bankers should not have to pay any taxes..
    we all should do something seriously about it.

    Satanic Traitor to God and America, Alex Jones
    stated for our records, on Nov. 15 2016,
    "They keep saying Assad not stepping down is
    what did it. He is ready to step down when ISIS
    and al-Qeada pull out. THEN THEY'LL HAVE ELECTIONS.

    We the People have elections, and Alex Jones as
    Satanic, wars America to not know so.. Running cover
    for Obama the war criminal, responsible with Clinton
    for financing ISIS TERRORIST ATTACKS against the
    freedom to be we the people as fairly civilized.

    All Americans do with their rigged elections, is war Democracies for Saudi Arabia. They know now, that Trump lied about the wall, about repealing Obamacare, and about having Hitlery arrested for funding ISIS to mass murder the innocent poor in
    Democracies. They know, Trump and Alex Jones are selling if the THIEVING bankers pay no taxes, the poorest of Americans will benefit handsomely.. And when Alex Jones says that, like two days ago with Ventura, they do not advance his arrest for high
    treason as Satanic liar.. or campaign for a free fair word spoken.. No, toll roads are what America can look forward to, to put all Americans to work as Trump now dictates.

    The elections were rigged in Nevada you cock suckers.. ..These Rightard whores are false accusing Bushite slaves.. who will Americans to die forsaken a fair say here on 9/11. Think of the trillions stolen, that these whores for evil, express zero care
    to have returned plus interest. Instead, whores with Trump, who lied about building a wall, repealing Obamacare, and having Obama arrested for high treason for STILL warring with ISIS to kill freedom for our Humanity. Think this, they refuse to forward
    any demands for Justice. No justice regarding the thieving of trillions, or on 9/11, Sandy Hook, or the Boston bombings.. No instead they war Democracies for Saudi Arabia..

    Syria is a Democracy, Saudi Arabia is Dictatorship

    Alex Jones and the Rightards tell religiously, that any that question Trumpís position on why he like Alex Jones lies as nakedly SATANIC about Syria, to run cover for Hitlery and Obama the war criminals.. are 'the left' to further war Democracies as ISIS
    for Saudi Arabia.

    Trump, I want to be your friend.. Let us talk freely with the facts that count for everything. Alex Jones is here to trick you into not supporting fair say for everyone. Willing to con American GIs further for Obamaís lies.. A moderate terrorist, is a
    terrorist that murders innocent people as apposing freedom to be we the people.

    President Trump Must Be Made Aware: Trillions Have Been Embezzled http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x52hmse
    http://www.anafile.com/8me9v4xkb4ds.html http://www.embedupload.com/?d=3TJGIHFIV1 http://www.basicupload.com/da5im2hqr2y7
    http://turbobit.net/skgoagjwclo7.html http://www.filefactory.com/file/14irotwfxl2f

    Trillions have been stolen through extortion and embezzlement.. All must be returned plus interest.. and people are going to prison for Sandy Hook and the Boston bombings too.. after fairly tried.. The evidence dictates what we find as reality.. No
    evidence to form a conclusion for capital allegations, such as, "bin Laden did 9/11", has American soldiers dying with lies for the bad guys - cheating all of America of a better future by criminal sacrifice.. God wills justice, ask any Prophet.

    American soldiers are dying at the hands of Hitlery and
    Obama, financing ISIS to kill America - HIGH TREASON.. http://www.newsbud.com/2016/11/13/russia-claims-horrendous-pentagon-cover-up-in-the-battle-for-mosul/

    THINK MAN.. American soldiers are dying at the hands of Hitlery and Obama, financing ISIS. Let's impeach, and demand a real paper ballot election that is fair of our measure. Trump is speaking some crazy things. No repeal of Obamacare.. NO WALL.. He is
    putting Jamie Dimon THE THIEF, in charge of the Treasury.. He is not demanding a return of all stolen funds, numbering in the trillions.. while advancing toll roads against the Public's interest.

    Mr. Trump.. my name in John Kinal.. I need your help here in Canada to save countless lives, and you need my own, being a true wise guy. Let's talk freely about what we can do together to be fair to all here.. beyond bigotry.. What do you say? Check out
    this video, regarding something truly horrific going on in Winnipeg Canada.. I tell no lies.. Our poor are being mass murdered, while the police have been made powerless..

    Syria is a democracy, in where they mint their own money.. That is why these demons cheat us the facts that count for something. The reason being, that if Americans learned of what the founders were talking on.. they would demand it for themselves..
    instead of blindly paying 'back' J.P. Morgan and Goldman for money they never covered.. TV America wars God and Humanity as evil false accusing bigot whores of Satan.

    Who are you cheating as enemy cowards refusing to demand a defense for American rights not measured fair? Refusing to command yourselves with the self respect, as committed to freedom for the individual to be all we can be.. Not cheated a fair say openly,
    as then told, we must try to compete in a criminal conspiracy... Oh surprise surprise.. we lose. Not so fast...


    I demand a criminal investigation begin immediately, regarding the first degree murder of my mother, Jennie Kinal, murdered she was, by Dr. Colister and Dr. Chisic, at Winnipeg's Health Sciences Center. Deprived care, while poisoned to die, in an
    unelected mass murder program against the poor titled, "Comfort Care". The Winnipeg Police Department refuses to allow Homicide look at the case, as they do routinely, regarding all other victims denied the defense of our Laws in Canada apposing murder.

    Evidence on the continuing mass
    murders in Winnipeg by the complicit Police

    I explain in detail, with recordings of me speaking with the
    police, and the Chief Medical Examiner.. The city refuses to
    allow me to submit a complaint of murder. Trouble yourself to
    listen. Lives are still being stolen, simply for being poor.
    Winnipeg Police state unlawfully, under no circumstances will
    they allow a complaint of murder to be drawn and forwarded
    to homicide - for those of Winnipeg who are chosen, AGAIN