• Canada v. George W. Bush - The Trial of the Millennum - - Supreme Court

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    Canada vs. George Walker Bush - Supreme Court Motions in Canada that WON the case for We the People on 9/11 - read them and weap..

    These were the Court Motions of John Kinal vs George Walker Bush, taken all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.. of which due in part to my moved recommendations, the charges were dropped.. I won, being my own lawyer, for the most part.. That there
    was an admitted ban on publication to the public.. What does it all add up to? I can not be held responsible, nor can any internet company, for what others submit to the internet. Laws are different in America however.. As I wrote in one of my motions.
    in America, a marine can go to prison for five years, if a picture of a woman can be argued SUBJECTIVELY to be under 18, and nude. Or a picture of a naked baby in a bathtub, that a family in
    Texas suffered though, at the evil minds of a false accuser like Kingsley.. George Walker Bush did the same with his bushite buds in my case.. They took a legal picture of a 22 year old, and said she was 12.. In Canada, to win against such wickedness is
    easy, if you have the mind to speak a fair game. As outlined in Supreme Court of Canada decisions.. it is in the expression of something deemed illegal as proliferating the threat, where a crime is happening.. or too, in seeking for sexual gratification..
    In my court case with G.W... it was neither.. . They were just hoping that Canada laws, were as dumb and evil as Kingsley is.. Thank God that's not the case.. Such a coward.. such an enemy
    of every living person in Winnipeg.. I had in total, no more that three images that were argued illegal, of which I won that matter, by proving they were not my expressions, nor something I sought. . Out of 33,333 images, and millions and millions of
    texts.. documenting EXACTLY how 9/11 happened..

    A fact is a fact. I was cleared as innocent, as my motion to stay was granted while preparing to enter the Supreme Court of Canada. But these demonic liars cheating Winnipeg for Justice, don't will the truth to prevail.. Understand, these Satanic whores
    that pirate Winnipeg for furthering criminality against our communities, who tell of this once 'top secret' court case was really about me having sex with my mother - pay no attention as caring for the further mass murders.. Expressing zero concerns for
    the continuing mass murders transpiring at the Health Sciences Center 4th floor, "Comfort Care" . Encouraging through stolen faith, not to simply hear the Chief Medical Examiner or numerous
    police interviews confess the same.. Evil is the deceived disguised..

    Again, in Canada, you can not be prosecuted automatically because of something someone else is uploading or downloading.. Unlike under augments used against Marines that, in the 'legal' given.. is a website has a perfect right, for the model is 22, as a
    chanced on computer, due to advertising, say at a torrent website. In Canada, no one has ever successfully been punished by our courts for this, for all the reasons given in my motions.. Unlike in America.. !!! Yes.. Marines have been sentenced to prison,
    because an icon could be argued to be under 18.. Not that the Marine uploaded or downloaded anything.. That is what the Bushmob thought, would be a successful way of ignoring what I'm in the
    Court regarding.. regarding George Walker Bush and Rumsfeld, in early 2003, argued the knowledge of how 9/11 happened, could be a bad thing for themselves, if We the People ever got winds of the news.. I won the case hands down.. working with the FBI,
    the Secret Service, and the National Security Division of the RCMP




    I, JOHN KINAL, in the city of Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba


    Pakistani ISI Director General Ahmad orders an aide to wire transfer about $100,000 to
    hijacker Atta. Ahmad later resigns after the transfer is disclosed in India and confirmed
    by the FBI. [Dawn, 10/8/01, Times of India, 10/9/01, Wall Street Journal, 10/10/01, AFP,
    10/10/01] The individual who makes the wire transfer at Ahmad's direction is Saeed
    Sheikh, later convinced for kidnapping and murdering reporter Daniel Pearl in February
    2002. ABC News later reports, "federal authorities have told ABC News they've now
    tracked more than $100,000 from banks in Pakistan to two banks in Florida to accounts
    held by suspected hijack ringleader Mohamed Atta." [ABC News, 9/30/01] CNN also reports the $100,000 transfer, and the New York Times specifies that it came in 2000.
    [CNN, 10/1/01, CNN, 10/6/01, New York Times, 7/10/02] Ahmad's order must have preceded June 2000, since