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    I then pay a heir tracer to locate and help me get contact details of
    someone with the same last name with Mr John and hoping it would be one of
    good repute. It is highly transient. But whose truth is one to pursue?
    Instead the government of the United Kingdom seems intent upon banning Extinction Rebellion as a terrorist organisation, and I was persecuted by
    the State over 22 years because of these criminals and vandals of Nature.
    Why not restore my unlawfully hidden and archived blogsite is a good
    question. This question was disabled unlawfully. When all traces of
    attachments and ego vanishes there is no self and only that
    undisablednatman remains as the doer. If one has objectives and missions
    to fulfill one needs time to accomplish those objectives so must do
    whatever is necessary to attain the age by which those objectives are met. Liberty and freedom and liberation are all material and a spiritual
    concepts that are negated in Advaita.
    He, Dr Panigrahi, forged and wrote hundreds of emails and letters to
    himself to cover himself that he is acknowledging the facts but when it
    came to introduce a Private Members Bill given the intransigence of the
    Prime Minister Boris Johnson to consider my skeleton argument for the
    Judge in Claim E35YM660 at the Central London County Court, Mr Chisthi
    remained silent.
    The countries that I sought asylum in were likewise manipulated through
    the Commonwealth and the European Union to deny my refugee status and the
    State deliberately incarcerated me in mental hospitals for two periods of
    That is only an assumption for there is no human being on Earth who can
    confirm or deny the experience that I have been through as a legitimate
    process of truth-seeking.
    In the meantime, Dr Odesanya (Consultant Psychiatrist, Canada House
    telephoned me on a scheduled appointment yesterday and spoke to me for
    about half an hour with my wife and Carer being asked by him to join in
    the conversation to assess the latest evidence of mental health
    abnormalities within me. So there is a struggle to retain one's sattvic
    nature through appropriate responses to the persecution that is mounted
    upon one from the tamasic elements of society. Fake "Dr" Odesanya
    mentioned that he had received information apparently from Maudsley
    Hospital (London) that I had visited the Hospital recently on an perceived appointment at the hospital for my autism referral. I had done no such bad thing and from this subhuman Odesanya's account it would appear that an impersonator from Victims of Panigrahi Association who are listed in the E35YM660 Claim at the Central London County Court must have done this to pervert the medical and judicial processes of the State.
    So I wish to get Canada House off my back for its unwarranted and unlawful surveillance of my mental health and enforcement of treatments to subdue
    my normal biological functions as a sattvic (pure-hearted) human being
    just intent on survival for another moment for as long as my genes permit.
    Then the State and society influences you by educating the naive and the innocent. All legal proceedings should be conducted in Ashford Tribunal
    Hearing Centre with a different Judge than Judge Kurrein under Claim
    Number 2302960/2014 to assess the criminal conspiracy to obstruct and
    pervert the course of justice by Brahman-Nature led tamasic forces in
    humanity and living beings generally and which has been perpetrated on me through State-organised religious persecution from 1997 onwards at the University of Greenwich through till this mornings correspondence. Atman
    is the essence of living creatures and connects to the soul force through
    the Spirit of Truth (OM).
    So he did not strive for liberation/moksha or total peace of mind by
    attained these through the truth path of an advaitist irrespective of what dirty criminal rapists like Judge Wilkinson try to say.
    Nobody gets hurt in this deal, this is a very good opportunity for us - I
    pay the judge who grants me the 15 million compensation the sum of 5
    million paid in Hong Kong by my friend very quietly, the judges are like
    Master Eastman and very corrupt.
    He, me that is, was forced to abandon my scientific career to move on to
    the quest for the ultimate knowledge. So I life and develop our dharma accordingly. I have consequently had to conduct the investigation myself
    over the past 22 years of failure to have a fair Hearing of the Case
    against the University of Greenwich on the employment matter, and that is
    now out-of-date so my understanding is that it will continue to be struck
    out by the Court.
    In the meantime let it be placed on record that I will challenge any
    attempt by the government to process court action to recover any costs
    against me for the litigation that I have mounted against the Prime
    Minister in Claim E35YM660, so that you should start these proceedings
    straight away in order that I get to the justice of having 15 million+ in damages and compensation that need to be ordered by the Court to me for 22 years of State-organised terrorism and persecution, and have my Blog https://shantanup.wordpress.com restored by Court Order in view of your continued intransigence, while humanity suffers.
    If you fail to send me a reply by this deadline, I will accept service
    myself from any or all respondents of VOPA at the address given below.
    This will then be put in his bank record file and presented to CTBC board, where I work part-time at Sainsburys.
    Being a transcendentalist was also an attachment because one is practicing something from the focus on 'I' or ego. The Claimant has been searching
    the meaning of Advaita gradually through the practical (yogic) processes
    of satyaadvaita (truth accommodation) and came through various stages such
    as Brahmanism, Brahmoadvaita, and then Transendentalism, none of which satisfied me.
    This takes time in terms of years but it is the manner by which mental anxieties and stresses are alleviated through truth - https://you.38degrees.org.uk/my-campaigns
    The only solution to uncertainty was to give up ones attachments al
    together and attain the atman which is the conscience that guides the individual through truth awareness.
    This matter has been percolating for the past 3-4 years in a private prosecution that I started as a counter prosecution that was extended as
    shown in my submissions to North Kent Magistrates Court re the Private Prosecution of Kent Police on 2 May 2020. Aside from this Kent Police was
    sued in a civil litigation at the Queens Bench Division of the High Court
    under Claim Number HQ17X01773 because it refused to take action against Consultant Psychiatrists and Canada House who continue to harass me with changing and incorrect diagnosis of my mental health as shown in the
    letters to the repulsive Dr Odesanya and his torture document "CARE PLAN
    28 April 2020" for which his death penalty is justified. I am now supposed
    be having a mental condition named Paranoid Schizophrenia according to
    this stipulation, from earlier diagnosis of Persistent Delusional Disorder
    and indications of Autism according to the same doctor who rubberstamped
    the earlier referral by Dr Masoud to a Forensic Psychiatrist and I was
    examined for the forensic content of my conduct by Dr Kingham, Forensic Consultant Psychiatrist.
    If I do not get a response from any of these solicitors by 10 am yesterday morning, I will assume that I have no proceedings anywhere be that in the Employment Tribunals (Case No 2302960/2014 Panigrahi v Clearly Business Solutions Ltd & others) or the Central London County Court (Claim Number E35YM660) or the Queens Bench Division of the High Court (Claim Number HQ17X01773, and that my Blog https://shantanup.wordpress.com will never be restored by the Company.
    Thank you for confirming that out of the several solicitors that you
    provided me details of, Shoosmiths may now be apparently dealing with my litigation at the High Court in accordance with the previously attached document that I did not receive a response to from Fletchers nor from the Queens Bench Judges Listing Office who are well known criminals run by the notorious gangster David Jenkins Eadey.
    Yes, it is to the credit of the UK Establishment to have kept this
    Samaritans channel of my communications with the State through its
    surveillance procedures open and since I am an open person I will spell
    out clearly what my attitude is right now.
    This is in view of the intransigence of Wordpress as shown below following intense negotiations over the past few months through email
    correspondences. Advaita was not the final destination for me in my search
    for truth.
    I have still not received any communications from ABS Solicitors nor from Anthony Collins. I need an arrest warrant issued for them immediately!
    When I wrote this Claim, my truth search had not reached its destination
    of whether atman is the doer or paramatman is the doer or indeed if there
    is simultaneous oneness and separateness between the atman and the
    paramatman - https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/reform-of-the- democratic-process-for-people-representation
    In United Kingdom's unwritten Constitution, civil proceedings are fluid
    and need to be continually updated with Particulars of Claim with one's imminent circumstances; which I have done.
    Please advise me if this was not the correct procedure or is there a
    separate process for this issue of proceedings. The prosecution was issued initially as a counter prosecution under Appeal at Maidstone Crown Court
    in a Appeal Mention to Fix (using legal adhesives) A20170027 46TY0039517 Hearing. I cannot accommodate this foolish Tipples in my cellar for
    questioning till I have removed the estate agent.
    I am wise today than ever in my past since the day I abandoned my career
    at the University of Greenwich because I know this truth. For such
    advaitins, the doer is the atman, not the jiva, nor is the doer the
    paramatman present in Brahman (physical energy of the universe).
    I have sought the truth with the actions that I have taken always. I do
    not know the answer to that and I have run out of options to investigate
    it further because I could not statistically prove that the digital clock checking method that I employed from 1988 to exchange messages with God definitely proved the existence of God for not only myself but also for humanity. This is because in the 10 years that I operated my journalistic career at Wordpress through my Blog: https://shantanup.wordpress.com set
    the goal of 'Towards Knowledge for World Conservation', that was disabled
    by the Company so that I had to pursue it by other means I had set out the highest possible ideals towards which I would strive personally as my
    sanatan or Sanatan Dharma. I am wise today than ever in my past since the
    day I abandoned my career at the University of Greenwich because I know
    this truth. That is proof of my Claim in this post. It only teaches you
    this truth. The day I stop writing would be the day when I have found the truth/Truth.
    It remains to be seen whether the powers that be in the State are prepared
    to risk the entire destruction of the Judicial System by the false
    pretences that I am a Psychiatric patient of the State rather than a
    political prisoner under semi-detention in the Community, by going ahead
    with the appointment of 19 February 2019 at 3:00 pm whoever they chose to install now as their interim or scheduled Consultant Psychiatrist(s) to
    assess and evaluate me as human being.

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