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    Further Managed Divorce has still not refunded my 347 that I paid for the divorce-associated separation of assets between my wife and me so that I
    am compelled to take up a post-retirement job to make ends meet. You have
    also not commented on the position of DAS Solicitors, nor of Coventgate
    Law or Sorrell solicitors, all of which will come to a head in the Hearing
    at Maidstone Crown Court in due course. Of this I am certain as I fully
    intend to pursue the private prosecution of Kent Police, no matter how
    long the struggle for justice takes. However Private Prosecution lawyers I found to be liars and charlatans because they are not part of the Crown Prostitution Service but instead a private enterprise with no standing,
    which is why unless they pay me adequate compensation for the
    lackadaisacal conduct I will have no alternative but to burn down their chamberpots in accordance with satya-advaitic diktats from Lord Brahma
    himself and to blog the same.
    The petitions in question for the Judge to examine are: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/my-campaigns https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/making-wordpress-and-social-media- accountable-to-uk-parliament https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/strengthening-the-international- criminal-justice-systems-to-deal-with-internet-crimes https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/to-remove-the-criminal-charge-of- contempt-of-court-from-judicial-proceedings https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/regeneration-of-the-national-health- service https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/making-the-law-enforcement- system-accessible-to-ordinary-citizens https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/reform-of-the-citizens-advice- bureau-to-provide-comprehensive-legal-and-medical-serviceservices https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/reform-of-the-democratic-process- for-people-representation https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/phasing- out-of-nuclear-energy-nuclear-weapons-globally-and-export-and-trade-in-
    arms https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/preserving-and-nurturing- nature-s-biodiversity-globally
    I need the Blog restored as soon as possible, so I will appear naked in
    Court to make my points! Money comes from carbon dioxide and water
    together with associated minerals in the soil that cannot be controlled by
    us humans without serious repercussions for our long-term well being and
    those of future generations of humans and life forms. Organisation is
    shunned. Brahman embodies itself as Brahman-Nature which is my conception
    of the vyvaharika reality composed of living and non-living matter.
    Rajasic truth path leads to routinal dharmic existence as realised by Vishistadvaitists, whereas tamasic truth is absolute evil thoughts and
    actions that humans and animals, microorganisms and plants engage in.
    These medications over 22 years that I have had administered in me by enforcement of recommendation of the Mental Health authorities have caused
    in me severe side-effects that can broadly be termed as hypoprolactinaemia. Delivery of this appeal will be made in person in view of the fact none of
    the lawyers or law firms, or advocacy charities could deal with the
    required legal advice and legal representation.
    The Court Hearing on 2 April 2020, 2.00 pm is for a reconsideration of the Order of the Court dated 24 September 2019 by His Honour Judge (HH-J)
    Letham for his refusal of permission to Appeal the Order of His Honour
    Deputy District Judge (HH-DDJ) Smith made on 14 January 2019; upon
    submission within 7 days of receipt of the Order for a reconsideration of permission to appeal, this application being executed on 3 October 2019, 09:21am with a progress report sought on 8 November 2019, 19.59 hours; and leave to submit orally against the Order dated 24 September 2019 at a
    Hearing for the reconsideration of permission to Appeal being granted by
    the Court on 14 January 2020 - what is the intellect there given life and
    death are non-existent?
    I sincerely hope this does not cause an inconvenience to the Court and the Parties concerned. I cherish freedom. I thought for a long time that there
    may have been a Being who was helping me to understand the laws of Nature
    and so I called it Brahman-Nature but this could be totally delusional - I will, accordingly, not attend the appointment of 19 February 2020 at 3:00
    pm until the Court prior to or at the Hearing decides later that I must do
    The criminally-insane Three Crazy Judges Eastman Smith Letham erred in
    being presumptuous that the Appeal had no real prospect of success when
    the Claimant was still in the process of assembling the evidence of state- organised persecution.
    Between 2006-2008 I worked in a petrol station at Shell UK and got into incidents with colleagues there for very harsh conditions of service that
    the Franchisee was implementing and formed the Union of Petrol Station
    Workers except that this avenue for the restoration of a new career as a
    trade unionist was denied to me by the government.
    He (Dr Panigrahi Ph.D.) has been grossly misjudged by the State since
    running into difficulties with colleagues and senior management at the University of Greenwich in 1997, which continued since through his
    interactions with individuals and institutions who could not put up with
    his truth seeking spiritual practice of yoga as a Jnana yogi.
    I will alter the title to Contempt of Parliament as well under the right
    to reply which is a basic human right as it is biologically-driven
    depending on our genetics. Thus the lesson is forget God and Brahma,
    Vishnu and Shiva, depending on which of these Entities on subscribes to
    but use your intelligence, your brains as given to you by your genetics to
    take actions for survival, and if your dignity is important to you for
    survival with dignity. Fortunately, the Speaker of the House of Commons stresses that the magic of Creation was that God has created Brahman-
    Nature within which there is scope for the sattvic minded to benefit from God-guidance in a way that one only believes that He is guiding whereas
    there is no proof of that for the individual in charting his life as shown
    here - https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/to-remove-the-criminal- charge-of-contempt-of-court-from-judicial-proceedings
    As such I am suspending all cooperation with the National Health Service
    and its allied agents that unlawfully prevented me from disseminating at Wordpress and with Book Publishers and linked literary agents against this persecution over the past 22 years; and will not be going to Canada again
    come what may until after the Hearing of my Appeal.
    The pronunciation of Aum is of great importance for correct understanding.
    It will be like a giant figureative bomb within the Thomas More building.
    A brahmoadvaitist is without fear as nothing fazes him or is important to
    I am seeking the assistance of a lawyer of Labour persuasion from the
    Society of Labour Lawyers (SLL) to represent me at two appointments with criminal judges and doctors.
    The issue of my Wordpress Blog can never be wished away and I am
    determined to fight its restoration no matter how long that takes - https://linkedin.com/in/shantanu-panigrahi-a120b267
    I have this morning received a letter from Medway Clinical Commissioning
    Group (MCCG) as shown in the attached documentation, so I fear it met with
    the same fate. Come and get me if you dare!
    I understand from the dirty dog Stephen Green that a Court Order was
    issued that has not yet been served on me with regards to Claim E35YM660
    of the Central London County Court that you were defending as shown in the attached: FrAdminCourtOffice(CAE)6Apr2020, so that I have neither been
    able to fulfil my legal obligations to the Order, nor have I been able to appeal it at a higher court which I am fully intending to do in view of
    the following criticism from Mind, the mental health charity.
    I seem to have come to the understanding with the Defendant and all
    respondents that all matters contained in my Claim Form and Appellant's
    Notice have reached satisfactory conclusions apart from the restoration of
    my cherished Blog with Wordpress, on which the Company continues to be intransigent.
    So I feel depressed with this realisation for it has fractured my marriage
    to Rashmi who would not believe my allegations and still thinks that I
    should have apologised to the University of Greenwich and attended their whorelike kangaroo court to plead insanity in being judged to have been blameworthy of gross misconduct by the University.
    In the old days the family structure was extensive but this has been
    eroded in recent times due to the influence of western values. There is no
    such thing as evil, there are only sattvic, rajasic and tamasic guna gods
    in existence so these gods are immortal.
    The justification for now granting an indefinite extension of time for the Appeal proceedings to be heard and implemented with a Defence is based
    upon the aforementioned arguments of a total failure and collapse in Case Management by the above cited Judges concerned with the disposal of
    Claimant's Claim; and the continuing appointment made upon the Claimant
    for another review of the diagnosis and treatment of his mental health by Canada House.
    I wished to do something positive for World Conservation in order to
    improve society and initiated the following petitions. For him, the
    realisation that he is an advaitist has been the result of considerable soul-searching through the practice of yoga that he describes as satya-
    advaita or truth accommodation.
    This was the Claimant's experience of employing truth accommodation to determine the role that he is now as someone who does not believe in
    Sanatan Dharma finally.
    We persist with our truth search individually and collectively but we have
    not found a Moses, Jesus Christ or a Buddha Shankaracharya, Mahatma
    Gandhi, Aristotle, Plato, Darwin, Newton, living amongst us now.
    In failing to take account of the fact that the Appellant's Notice was assembled at a time when the Claimant was being persecuted by VOPA and
    which continued right up to mid-March 2020.
    So I am sorry to myself for being such a person whose ideals could not be accomodated within humanity world-wide, through the discontinuation of the above mentioned Blog.
    I hoping this meet you in good health. Frequently, victims of crime and
    those who have been unjustly defamed seek recourse to the Media to air
    their grievances as the final level of justice to the injustices suffered
    by them.
    This is because he has been attached to science and determining truths, so
    I am without any legal representation now. For me Brahman-Nature consisted
    of sattvic, rajasic and tamasic guna consciousness but on reflection
    relating to Brahman-Nature that is a material-cum-spiritual concept and an attachment and therefore not the Ultimate Reality.
    Is a Community Treatment Order going to be issued and served on me before
    or after the appointment of 19 February 2020 2.00 pm so that I can consult
    a solicitor for any future mental health treatment in the Community or in
    the mental hospital subsequently if I am incarcerated following this appointment?
    Further, I have found that without the journalism that I have done over
    the past decade, my life is barren and incomplete - https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/strengthening-the-international- criminal-justice-systems-to-deal-with-internet-crimes
    My wife needs to know is whether she can come to the appointment of 19
    February 3:00 pm and what will be the restrictions placed on her
    participation in the proceedings and procedures to be implemented.
    I have asked in my letter to Chris Easton posted on 1 February 2020 that
    the repulsive Dr Odesanya be recused from further assessment and treatment
    of my mental condition in view of the litigation in progress.

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