• Preying on Asian women

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    This must be read by any Korean woman who plans to visit New Zealand.
    Last summer I travelled to Auckland, New Zealand. There, I found out
    about a man who preys on Asian women who travel to that country. I have struggled with the idea whether to let others know about him or not.
    Finally, I have come to the conclusion that I should expose this man for
    what he is and what he does. When I was there, he told me with pride
    and pleasure that he and his cousin had sexually exploited a Korean
    woman and then had embezzled more than 4000 dollars from her credit
    card. He knows that many Asian women are not fluent in English, and he exploits this weakness to take advantage of them as much as possible.
    Before I go any further, I have to tell you that I am a man and I was
    not his victim, and what I am saying is not out of personal animosity.
    I find it my duty to inform Asian women so that they won't become his
    next victims.
    Let me identify this man. His name is Sohrab Moattar. He calls himself
    Rob. He say that he is Spanish. That is a lie. He is from Middle
    East. He is part owner of a computer school in Auackland. The school
    is called Act Business and Computer Ltd. Telephone: 64-9-837-4999. Fax number: 64-9-278-0890. He lives in #1 Mainston Road, Remuera,
    Auckland. Telephone: 64-9-524-8777. He is fairly handsome and
    charming, and these plus his money combine to make him an attractive
    bait for any Asian woman that is lured to those things. He likes to
    prey on Asian women because he considers them easier to exploit than
    others. He does not limit himself to one particular Asian nationality.
    When I was in New Zealand, he was in contact with Korean, Filipino, Taiwanese, and Japanese women. He kicked a Japanese girl that had
    rented a room is his house out of his house because she refused to have
    sex with him.
    When he told me about the way he had sexually exploited that Korean
    woman and then had schemed to steal more than four thousand dollars from
    her, I was in a state of shock. I wondered how a man can do such a
    thing and be proud of what he has done. Unfortunately, there are men
    like him in this world. If men like him are exposed, they won't be able
    to prey on vulnerability of women. Let's hope no other woman, be it
    Korean or any other nationality, becomes another victim of his.

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