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    The patent by Pyung Woo Kong for a Korean typewriter showed one where one group
    of keys hit the paper a space earlier than the other group. Later Korean typewriters instead had the shifted characters displaced to the left, so that
    the initial and final forms of the same consonant could be on the same key.

    The instruction manual for the VariTyper, available on the Internet Archive, includes an illustration of a Korean language type-sleeve for that machine near
    the beginning.


    IBM made Katakana elements, Thai-language elements, and Inuktitut elements for
    its Selectric typewriters, as well as Hebrew and Arabic elements for a special
    version that typed from right to left.

    But while they did not, as far as I know, make a Korean-language Selectric element, in an exhibit of Korean-language typewriters in the King Sejong museum, there apparently are Korean Selectric elements - presumably manufactured by a Korean company -
    on display.


    It's in the seventh picture from the bottom, although I had to reload the page
    before it would display.

    Would anyone have more information on this attempt to permit Korean to be typed
    on a typewriter without modifications to typehead movement?

    I have now found another web site with pictures of the Korean element, plus of a Selectric
    typewriter with stickers on the keys for use with such an element:


    As well, there is a YouTube video on repairing such a typewriter:


    John Savard

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