• The Online Agenda - Core Principles

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    The Online Agenda - Core Principles

    Resume Building

    A Resume. You need one. And these days it has to be online. Use Linkedin. Highly recommended. Develop it carefully. It has to be honest, factual, truthful, balanced between concise and informative. Too short and you leave them guessing, too long and it
    just goes on and on. Find the right balance which suits you. A mobile phone is becoming mandatory, and so is an email address. And you need your Social Networks.

    Web Presence

    Web Presence. It is completely the way of the future. You rise and fall depending on your web presence. Online is how you interact with much of the future world. You live 'Locally' in your own world. Those social rules and norms are well established. In
    this brave new world of the 21st century and beyond, you need decent web presence. Archiving material of yours permanently is the way to go for future generations. Whatever you can lend out to the world of permanent free access should be done, such as
    storing blogs on google groups and so on - things which stay around and last. Need a website? Use a free one. Great chance of permanent archive beyond your death if its a free one. Try Angelfire or Wix or the like. Want success? Develop well groomed web
    presence, and use your talents in many fields. Youtube videos which you monetize through adsense are recommended. Facebook is a must, and usually Myspace, Twitter, Instagram and so on. Pray, with Torah passages, for your web presence to grow and maintain
    itself. Sanctify it through prayer. Pray with a bible, and KEEP your Bible. To keep the faith, and for your prayers to endure better, KEEP YOUR BIBLE. They are valuable things.


    I have fucked up a lot online in my learning phase. But you don't make an omelette without breaking eggs. You need to learn the rules of the net. You need to learn the facebook rules and policies AND FOLLOW THEM. Facebook says One account. Don't have
    multiples. Close your excess ones. God will likely more honour you if you follow the rules of your web social network. Stay polite, flame in socially acceptable places, and stay within the law. Internet is young and randy at this stage, so beware the
    trolls, sharks, scammers, spammers and haters. Pray over your web presence. Follow the netiquette. It's the way to go.

    Business Plan

    You need a business plan for your physical organisations, but if you are seeking prosperity, you need one for your online life and web presence. Develop a business plan in traditional ways, and seek advice from trusted sources. A good business plan is a
    key and foundation of online success. Stay legal, keep those informed who need to be, especially tax people, and stick with it. If at first you don't succeed, try try again, and persevere. A niche is a great way to go, and stick with it. It can bear
    fruit eventually. Be patient.

    The Online Agenda

    It's the new world. The brave new world. As Desiree sings, you gotta be tough, you gotta be strong. Don't worry if you make mistakes. You are only human. But develop your talent online, even if it is only photos or blogging, but everyone can do an online
    resume and autobiography. And link to all your online presence at each of your sites. Get to it. There is work to be done.


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